Android vs. iPhone


Today, the mobile industry has more choices than ever as the Android and iPhone are being matched in the spotlight. Comparison arises as to which stands out in the mobile world. With that being said, we at Bodyguard Careers are working on a project that will help streamline the executive protection industry. We need your help though, please comment below and tell us what smart phone you are currently using.

Thanks for your cooperation


  • Sherman Gordon


  • Rick Knowles


  • Mark A. Segura

    I use the Samsung Galaxy on the Android OS.

  • Will Schwarz


  • Travis Yarbrough


  • Scott


  • Ronald B Wood Jr

    Android – DROIDX. – Razor

  • Jason H


  • Tom J


  • Joel

    The iPhone offers something Android does not, control. Android is so fragmented and uncontrolled and this is the reason Android has seen a 40% increase in malware in the last six months alone. Apple is very stringent on what they allow in their app store, and hence, on their devices.

  • David Scobie

    Im using apple I phone 4 best phone for the job

  • benson


  • Alonzo Gomez

    Still clinging to using phones as stupid as possible. I currently have a supposedly military specs, contractor type, flip phone.

  • Bear Collins

    Bear Collins Ummm did we forget about BB? Please don’t forget about us BB users Hucky!

  • Josh

    HTC EVO-Android

  • Tom Williams


  • Ryszard Nowak

    Nokia E72 and iPhone 4

  • Nikolas Chabot


  • james wright

    HTC INSPIRE Android

  • Terry Brown

    Hucky, I currently have a HTC EVO Android.

  • Lisa


  • Jeff Collins


  • David Rodriguez

    BB Bold At&t globally(GSM cap) 9780, used in Mx and US

  • Jean b


  • Hucky

    Android: HTC HD 7

  • Matt


  • Tommy Cannon

    Android commando

  • Peter N Stanojkovic

    iPhone 4 : )

  • ashley

    Iphone, I use android because I am a programmer and have Unix and Linux kernel experience hence my modifications for security and signal.

    However unless the user wants to go out their way.

    IPhone is way to go.

  • Joseph Hibner

    IPhone 4 & Nokia E71-2

  • A. Tatum Jr

    Android- Evo 3D

  • Tony Scotti


  • Matt Ellsworth

    IPhone 4 – all my other computing devices are Apple, so it’s a matter of cross compatibility

  • Lawrence Snow


  • Miguel DeCoste


  • Will Oates

    Iphone 4

  • Michael Bell

    Iphone.. Apple products may be a bit more costly dependent on your carrier but it’s well worth it. As the old saying goes, You get what you pay for.

  • Sid Martin

    Blackberry BBM Worldwide

  • John M.

    iPhone 4. It’s quick, reliable and countless features for organizing information used during assignments.

  • Yoni.C

    Without a shadow of a doubt Blackberry.
    If a Blackberry is made secure then it is the best phone in the world.
    If you are handling sensitive data there is nothing out there that beats it. Simple as that :-)

  • Armond T

    I use the Iphone 4, I have used the droid in the past and found it to be lacking, also shutting down some of the functions on the droid were bothersome and I had continuous battery issues.

  • Mohammed Yusuf

    Infact I have never come a cros a handset that is better then iphone, because I discovered that it has a lot of fercilities. So, iphone is the best.