The Thinking Man’s Bodyguard

By Doc Rogers

Although we may be called bodyguards we utilize our mind more often on the job for client protection than actual physical action.  As professional executive protection specialist we need rational judgment and intelligent to be “a thinking man’s protection specialist.  Here are some recommendations to achieve this goal.

1.    Remain cool under pressure and always businesslike.

2.    Realize the value of your experience; be willing to give advice to the team. Be a ready point of contact.

3.    Assemble a team of well trained, organized, and equipped BGs for your mission.

4.    Employ BG tactics that suits your means and operational area. Become a master of the basic BG techniques and procedures.

5.    BG operations should be planned in detail and based upon careful reconnaissance and up-to-date intelligence.

6.    No route or venue is one hundred percent secure therefore; precautionary measures must always be taken in advance and security must be maintained at all times.

7.    The use of motorcade route maps showing the location of chokepoints in an area is a valuable aid in motorcade planning therefore; make a detailed motorcade route map study.

8.    Brief and rehearse all BGs on their individual responsibilities and duties at arrival and departure points as well as in the event of ambush.

9.    Keep cautious of people watching your BG team, attempting to predict the movements or activities of your client. Stay alert and vary BG formations.

10.    While on BG assignments keep vigilant and ready to react with your BG skills.

11.    You are responsible for your official BG and personal actions. Keep discreet; do not attract attention by rude or unusual behavior. Reflect upon yourself and the BG team with respect at all times.

Stay focused, positive and take action. Visualize goals daily and strive to become a top-notch BG and a capable operator.  Your success will ultimately depend on the effectiveness training, determination and the proper use of the mind. Keep safe and God speed.

  • Jojo Basilisco

    Very helpful articles..

  • Doc Rogers

    Hi: Jojo Basilisco hope you are doing well and keeping safe! Thanks for you kind comments. Sorry for the late reply was tied up for a while. Keep safe and God speed.

  • Mary S.

    Very nice. I always appreciate articles that stress the use of the mind over the physical.

    Thank you,
    Mary S.