Executive Protection Courses

By Damien Richey

What should an Executive Protection course contain? This is an interesting question. Executive protection is one of the only industries in which its practitioners claim responsibility for their client’s safety and wellbeing, yet there are virtually no requirements to enter the field and state regulations vary greatly.

Virginia seems to have the most professional standards while some states have none. California, with all of its billionaires, only requires practitioners to be breathing. If one can make it through the rigorous requirements of the eight-hour Guard Card course, which has nothing to do with protection, one is considered employable in the industry.

Executive protection courses vary in length from 1 day exposures taught by EPI and other schools, to several weeks at places like ESI. Having taught at one of the schools in Hucky’s “Top Executive Protection Schools” and worked as a protection professional, I cannot imagine what a one day seminar would contain that would qualify one for the job.

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