Bodyguards Do You Know The Art And Science Of The Trade?


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Bodyguards Do You Know The Art And Science Of The Trade?

By Doc Rogers

As bodyguards we work with clients to create a safer and more comfortable lifestyle, which can be a complicated task at times.  It looks simple on paper. Meet client at airport, transport client to hotel, deliver client to first meeting, etc.  But there are a lot of variables involved. 

Each operational area is different and each client has a different temperament.  To make things simpler, it’s best to use a mixture of art and science. To be able work the art and science of bodyguarding you must have the science down pat.  This includes a full knowledge of the trade, familiarity of arrival and departure procedures, knowing your operational area inside and out, as well as the strengths and capabilities of your support personnel.

Here are just a few examples of using the art of bodyguarding.  When on solo-bodyguard assignments use ‘force multipliers’ such as trusted airport meet and greet personnel who escort clients within the tightly controlled airside areas of the airport (customs and passport) directly to your location. It may be difficult for your client to get from airside to the passenger arrival area alone.

Your client may be tired from the flight and you don’t want him or her standing in long lines. Utilize the same procedure upon departure; express security screening, check-in, escorts through passport control and priority boarding gate or lounge.  Also you can setup and provide vetted dedicated baggage handlers at the hotel and airport. 

Your security driver should be under strict SOP (standard operational procedures) to arrive one hour early each day.  To have a cooler filled with clean ice and assorted beverages (bottled water, Coke, Diet Coke and 7-UP) obtained from the hotel concierge desk and placed in the client vehicle. These step-up-step procedures should be provided during the advance phase.

These simple combinations of features make your bodyguard service more effective by knowing who will be within close proximity to your client ahead of time and knowing they will follow an exact set of rules and procedures while performing their support services.  This relieves your mind so you can concentrate and devote your full attention to providing the best bodyguard services possible. 

When you work with other successful bodyguards who have mastered the art and science of the trade it’s because of all the things he or she has done day-after-day has added up to produce that level of success.

Remember, no one is forcing you to do anything. It takes time and considerable effort to setup airport facilitation arrangements and coordinating airport security requirements, etc.  But to perfect the art you need well-defined goals and effectively pursue them.  Knowing it is one thing. Acting on it is something else.

The bodyguard industry survives on utilizing a combination of art and science. Those bodyguards who only provide the science will be struggling and same goes for those who only provide the art.  With the art of bodyguarding it’s important to experiment and try new things.

Learn to utilize the art of being resourceful as well as keeping true to your bodyguard SOPs; blending your bodyguard skills and personal attention you provide to the principal. Don’t be limited in your thinking as it will ultimately benefit your career. Execute your plan. Keep safe and God speed.

Doc Rogers is the author of Corporate Executive Protection – A Manual for Inspiring Corporate Bodyguards and president and CEO of International Corporate Executive Protection Ltd. Doc has earned a Ph.D. in Security Administration from Southwest University and he is SE Asia’s leading expert on executive protection and corporate security.

Corporate Executive Protection – Security Tips For Nigeria

By Byron X. Smith

Corporate Executive Protection (CXP) teams doing assignments in the major urban centers of Nigeria, such as Abuja and Lagos should beware that violent crime is on the rise. Armed attacks, assaults, undisciplined Nigerian police road checkpoints, kidnappings, hostage taking and ship hijackings make the place very dangerous.

Don’t get careless when on CXP assignments in Nigeria, carelessness kills. There is a high level of crime within the inner city and on the outskirts of Lagos. This includes armed robbery, hostage taking and violent armed assault. Robberies and muggings conducted by large well armed groups on a daily basis and police response in non-existent. Hotel room robberies is also a serious concern in Lagos and are on the rise in Abuja.

Petty crime such as pickpocketing, minor physical violence and purse snatching is common in all crowed places throughout Nigeria. Learn the geography of the city and keep alert in public markets, beaches and while walking along the sidewalks. Remain especially for client safety upon arrival in Lagos as incidents of armed robbery and carjacking are high along main routes to international and domestic airports, this is the most dangerous time of the assignment.

The CXP team should approach Lagos like any other violent Third World environment. Avoid traveling after dark and especially the outskirts of the city of Lagos. Your CXP team should be implementing best performance in protective measures for your clients in Lagos and throughout Nigeria. All the best and keep out of harm’s way.

Byron Smith is a corporate bodyguard employee of International Corporate Executive Protection Ltd. for the last 8 years. Prior to entering the private sector he served in the U.S. Navy and he is an affiliate of Corporate Executive Protection: A Manual for Inspiring Corporate Bodyguards (CXP)

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Executive Protection Training

Executive Protection Training During Tough Financial Times

By Doc Rogers

The current recession has made us all re-think our spending habits. For many agents the logical solution for their financial relief is to make tough cutbacks.

This could mean postponing the purchase of that new model firearm, that tactical folder knife, or going out on the town with your team mates. However, this should not include training. Agents should improve and hone their skills. This will ensure that every step you take in the industry, you will be prepared to succeed.

Be known as the one who is always building and updating skills, and who works harder than anyone else. Ramp-up your training when the going gets tough. Improve the skills you already have, deepen your industry credentials by reading books and manuals, industry related newsletters, magazines, as well as taking distance learning courses to stay on top.

These suggestions will not only improve your work product in the field, but will be creating solid experience and and achievement in this industry. Before investing in a book, magazine, newsletter or distance learning course, ensure that the training you take will be a contribution and is necessary to the well-being of your principles, or clients, as well as the EPU (executive protection unit).

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