Book of the Month


A Professional’s Guide to Tailing Subjects by Vehicle, Foot,

Airplane, and Public Transportation

by ACM IV Security Services

This is the best book I have ever read on Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance.

It covers topics like: “What are the best practices when acting as a Surveillance Agent.”

A good surveillance person someone who, if observed at a party or in a bar, would just slip into the crowd; he might not be noticed all night. The book gives tips on how to succeed performing this type of detail.

“Secrets of Surveillance” deals with conducting surveillance and counter-surveillance using your feet, ingenuity, your surroundings, and more. It explores surveillance team dynamics, and how best to orchestrate foot and vehicle surveillance.

Today, you can attend courses, purchase videos, even train online to learn the basic principles of surveillance and counter-surveillance.  Even with all the fancy new gadgetry and instruction available–surveillance, like undercover work–is an art. Most agents can learn to do these tasks; however, many experts in these fields believe the best surveillance, counter-surveillance, and undercover people seem to just have a natural knack for it. Almost as though they were “born to do it.” I tend to agree with the experts.

But don’t let that discourage you from learning all you can! It just means you may have to work a little harder at it. This book is a great resource. I highly recommend it.