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You have spent Hundreds of dollars on Firearms and Equipment to work as an Executive Protection Specialist

You have spent Thousands of dollars on Executive Protection Training

You have sent Hundreds of Resumes to Employers Without getting ANY Solid Job Leads


My name is Harlan “Hucky” Austin, former long-time bodyguard to the musical artist Prince and President of Bodyguard Careers, I have worked tirelessly for the past 6 years on behalf of individuals who are trying to break into the Executive Protection field. I am pleased to offer a new service for those individuals seeking more personal guidance:


I now offer a step-by-step blueprint for obtaining employment as an Executive Protection Specialist. Topics you can ask in the e-mail consultation include: How to Interview, Where to Seek Employment, How to Effectively Market Yourself, and Insider Tips that you can only get from the professionals! I will e-mail you personally, as well as answer any questions you may have about breaking into the business.


My consultations are all conducted via e-mail which helps the price remain affordable. This medium also caters to those who just want a bit of a boost and those who prefer email correspondence instead of participating in a phone consultation. It’s private, introspective and personal.

You would just need to send me an initial e-mail (600 words maximum) expressing your objectives and any questions you may have regarding executive protection. I will then respond within 48 hours; giving you the expert advice I believe is best for your specific situation. In addition, I will provide you with advice that will empower you the utmost and assist you with traveling the path you are seeking in executive protection.

A week after our first correspondence, I will e-mail you again, inquiring on your progress. You will then respond to me (400 words maximum) and, at that time, also feel free to ask any further questions you deem important. I will again respond providing you with the best expert advice, motivate you and give you helpful insight and strategy. This entire process will continue for two more weeks, encompassing a total of approximately four weeks and four email correspondences.


After you have submitted your payment, send me your initial e-mail (600 words maximum) expressing your objectives and any questions you may have regarding executive protection. Please send emails to:

After receiving confirmation of payment, I will then respond to your initial email.


How much do I charge? $99.95 for a one month package. If you would like to receive additional consulting services, all subsequent months the fee is lowered to $95.95

After our first week session together completes, if for any reason you feel you didn’t receive the adequate advice you were seeking, I’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked (As long as you ask for it after our first correspondence and before our second correspondence begins, which gives you about a week to decide whether this is worthwhile for you).

Keep in mind, my correspondence with you will not be off the top of my head. Each email I send you will include a response to your sought objectives and questions. I will respond with my expert advice and experience of over 25 years. My promise to you is that I will assist you with your needs to the best of my ability, using my experience and knowledge in the field of executive protection. I want you to succeed!

If this service is one that appeals to you, I urge you to sign up! We can then immediately get started in making some significant and lasting changes for YOUR EXECUTIVE PROTECTION CAREER!

This month is your month! I’m excited to help you make it one in which real and lasting change occurs!


Harlan (Hucky) Austin

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