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Harlan AustinSince June of 2006 Bodyguard Careers has provided information, stories, and interviews drawing thousands into the mysterious and wondrous world of executive protection.  Compelled by a desire to entertain and educate, I developed this website with high hopes that executive protection specialists and those seeking to enter this exciting field would find a powerful networking tool for sharing ideas and experiences in our common calling.

My 25 year career in executive protection has taken me around the world from France, The Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, and dozens of exotic cities in between.  I have served as a detail leader and done advance work for celebrities and top corporate executives under a wide breadth of circumstances which challenged my abilities and honed my skills in ways I never thought possible.  In all of this I have fulfilled the prime objective of anyone serving in this field which is to keep those under my care safe from harm, and to provide an environment wherein their agenda is free from unexpected and unwanted interruptions.  My goal is to share the wisdom these experiences have taught me with a new generation of executive protection specialists.

I have been deeply concerned about the opportunistic and dishonest predatory businesses that have set their sites on men and women who are eager to enter the executive protection field.  Several business have promised training and job placement only to grab the hard earned money of someone trying to move forward in executive protection and leave them with little or nothing for the dollars they have spent.  This website was created in response to this disheartening trend as a truthful introduction into both the good and the not so good realities of this profession.  This website is an honest look at the totality of executive protection from the perspective of my 25 years of experience.  I will share with you the real face of executive protection, warts and all.  My hope is that you will use the information provided here to make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the right profession for you.

I have carefully considered the topics of this website in order to present a multi-faceted view of executive protection.  I want to excite you with all the executive protection profession has to offer as well as inform you of the mundane and routine work that can become burdensome and tedious.

This is my humble offering to you and I hope you enjoy reading what I and many others have to offer.  Despite its many challenges, I find executive protection to be a fantastical adventure where you will meet some of the most interesting people imaginable, and forge lifelong friendships.  You will see things that will tear at your heart, fill your mind with wonder, and make you laugh out loud for years to come.  So welcome to my world, the world of executive protection.

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