How to Become a Bodyguard

How to become a bodyguard

By Doc Rogers

How to become a bodyguard, considering a career change from your present line of work. Maybe the bodyguard industry is the right fit for you? This article gives 10 powerful thoughts to help you become a bodyguard.

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How to become a bodyguard

Do you have the ability to help others:

As a bodyguard you keep your clients out of harm’s way and give them the confidence they need to achieve their business and personal goals securely.

Continuously learning:

As a professional bodyguard you will be constantly obtaining special knowledge (expertise) from your formal training, on-the-job training and independent study (often at your own cost). You should never stop learning the trade.

Appreciation for different cultures: 

As a bodyguard you will gain an understanding of the world we live and work in, this will help you to  better protect your clients. As a bodyguard you will learn about the cultures and the traditions of the countries you will be operating in as well as the respect for it’s people.

Great salary:

Bodyguarding is a labor intensive profession, charge your clients accordingly. You will want to avoid having your fees to low or to high. Provide the best quality service at the best price, at a happy medium. As a bodyguard you won’t starve, but you won’t become a millionaire either.

Bodyguarding is a rewarding profession:

Bodyguards have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their clients. Bodyguards are not only rewarded with money, but also the feeling of fulfillment in keeping their clients safe.

Career security:

Even with a weak economy bodyguards are still needed worldwide. Bodyguards rarely take pay-cuts; our salaries stay stable even in these tough economic times.

Job mobility:

Bodyguards can move to any part of the world and conduct business. Bodyguarding is an excellent mobile occupation that allows you to live anywhere in the world and there’s a big world out there with lots of opportunities.

Prestige and respectability:

The respect accorded to trained bodyguards rivals that of law enforcement and the military. Bodyguarding is considered a noblest profession, according to folklore it’s the fifth oldest profession in the world.

Client versatility:

You have a choice of working with high powered business executives, politicians, superstar athletes, famous entertainers and celebrities, as well as everyday individuals who are under threat.

Life long friendships:

Bodyguards develop life long friendships with other professionals throughout the world. Some of these friends will become your second family while on the road. This is one of the greatest aspects of the job. So now you know what to do to become a bodyguard.

Doc Rogers is the author of Corporate Executive Protection – A Manual for Inspiring Corporate Bodyguards and president and CEO of International Corporate Executive Protection Ltd. Doc has earned a Ph.D. in Security Administration from Southwest University and he is SE Asia’s leading expert on executive protection and corporate security. To learn how to make a full time living as a corporate bodyguard visit the websites below for more information.

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Bodyguard Careers


8 Actionable Steps for Bodyguard Career Improvement

By Doc Rogers


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The following are some very basic concepts, but it’s exactly what you need to help improve your bodyguard career.

1. Focus on providing superb principal protection and customer service.
2. Focus on becoming professional and you’ll become successful.
3. Nothing comes easy in the bodyguard industry.
4. Keep a strong work ethic; hard work pays off.
5. No matter how much success you achieve in the industry you will always be vulnerable.
6. Avoid as much negative influences as possible.
7. On the job you need the following objectives:

  • A clear vision on how the assignment will unfold which should be rooted in advance work.
  • A strong plan for principal movements and protective coverage techniques.
  • A professional team to support your vision and plan in keeping the principal safe.
  • It takes an intelligent bodyguard to surround himself with other intelligent bodyguards.
  • Consistent, professional execution of your bodyguard duties and responsibilities.
  • Be able to overcome potential obstacles; in the real world nothing always goes as planned and nothing is what it seems, therefore have at least 3 back-up plans.

8. Never lower your standards; always keep raising the bar, because you are only as good as your last assignment. Only you have that power. Keep safe and God speed.

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The Rich Bodyguard

By Doc Rogers

The rich bodyguard does not indulge in ill-advised behaviors that will generate negative financial consequences later.Bodyguard 4 This means he:

  • Has no lavish lifestyle and no pampered life.
  • Buys assets not toys; things that will earn him money (proper BG equipment, bulletproof vest, gym membership, duty weapon, etc.).
  • Maintains a budget for every paycheck and the rest is put in the bank.
  • Keeps emergency funds and doesn’t drain his savings.
  • Does not squander away his money; ensuring he will never go broke.
  • Does not live above his means; lives a simple and disciplined life.
  • On assignment he does not need a lot of money to live on; his meals and hotel rooms are paid for by the principal.
  • Does not spend needlessly on details.
  • Maintains a high work ethic that lays the foundation for his success; it all boils down simply doing hard work and the willingness to apply yourself 100 percent on each and every assignment.
  • Has no glitz, no glamour and no unprofessional attitudes; he is a consummate professional, always prepared yet ready to improvise.

Follow these rich bodyguard tactics as your passport to a secure financial future in the industry. Keep safe and God speed.

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The Way of the Professional Bodyguard


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By Doc Rogers

Today’s professional bodyguards (executive protection specialists) are a unique breed, whether performing assigned duties or planning career moves they are ambitious and demanding; but methodical in their approach. Principals expect orderly and professional behavior from their bodyguards and the operational techniques of the bodyguard are done according to a systematic and established form of procedure. Although most are experts in tactical shooting professional bodyguards are more likely to use intellect as a weapon rather than the firearm concealed under their business suit.

The protective methodology of the professional bodyguard is one of a ‘problem solver’ who avoids threats directed towards the principal at all costs. Bodyguards are known for their ability to discreetly protect their principals and return them home safely each night. If in the unlikely situation a sudden unexpected threat appears the bodyguard will instinctively shield the principal with his own body while evacuating the principal from the kill-zone; this is not only his jobs, but his duty.

This selfless sense of duty is only a small part of what takes to be a professional bodyguard. The biggest part of being a bodyguard is to perform your tasks with honor, integrity, trust and with confident performance for a successful assignment. If you don’t have strict self-discipline, high standards, teamwork and determination, you might as well stay home. However, if you got what it takes now is the time to deliberately and selflessly move forward and push beyond your physical comfort zone to keep your team and principal safe; because that is the way of the bodyguard. Keep safe and God speed.

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Managing Chaos

Mystery ShoppersManaging Chaos

By Doc Rogers

Definition of Chaos
This article defines chaos as environments that are experiencing complete disorder and confusion due to violent or damaging conditions. This includes civil disorder, also known as civil unrest, irregular warfare or terrorist and criminal action in the immediate proximity to your principal. To maintain mental clarity follow these simple instructions.

Focus on Taking Action
Maintain mental clarity and direct your thoughts for taking swift, positive action. Action will provide focus.

Keep Positive
It is easy to become negative when tough situations arise and when working in chaotic environments. Center your attention on positive problem solving within the scope of a bodyguard.

No Negative Self-Talk
In chaotic environments you must change your mindset from a self-defeating one to a mindset of positivity. Fill your mind with a new positive thought patterns, because negative self-talk will drain you very fast.

Useful Thought Patterns
Control mental habit patterns, because mental inefficiency causes things not to work to smoothly, whereas useful thought patterns will assist you in avoiding bad decisions, and actions. Take control of your mind and keep on the positive path.

Provide Solutions
Prepare for the worst and hope for the best by using your mind for problem solving. In chaotic environments the bodyguard above all must provide protection, direction and guidance. Formulate a plan; depending on the situation the solutions could range from covering and evacuation the principal to presenting the principal with a carefully thought out range of viable security options. Keep safe and God speed.