The Friday Night Quiz

Test your Knowledge:

The responsibility for close protection services of the Pope and the Vatican City is left to who?

a.) the College of Cardinals.

b.) the Swedish guard.

c.) the Swiss guard.

d.) the carabinieri close protection wing.

What is your answer?

  • Kwedeh Mcborrough

    The Swiss Guard

  • Brien Bowman

    C. Swiss Guard

  • Tom Charbonneau

    Swiss Guard of course!

  • Ian Mankowski

    C. The Swiss Guard

  • Roger Clark

    Swiss Guard – uniforms by DaVinci.

  • Guy

    The Swiss Guard (I was proud to be a Carabinieri and always wishing to be assigned to the Pope Detail). Nearly everyone in the Close Protection field could find the top adrenaline experience. Have you any idea how many bad guys want a piece of the Pope?

  • Dejan Trajkovski

    Swiss guard …

  • Danny M

    a.) the College of Cardinals.

  • cesar ugarte

    the swiss guard

  • anthony usua johnson

    the answer is….A..The college of Cardinals

  • Anton

    C/ Swiss Guards.