Call for EP Trained Volunteers

For the last few years, Black Ice has provided volunteer support for the GI Film Festival here in Washington DC.  The festival is next week and we generally support three evening Red Carpet events with about 10 people each night.

There are usually several celebrities in attendance, producers, directors, and so forth.  Our role is to provide an unarmed presence and we are there to assist attendees in moving around the facility, to provide assistance at the entrances and to be there in an emergency.

Historically, we have had a mixture of new Executive Protection agents that are looking for some experience as well as some well trained and experienced personnel that wish to give of their time and talent to this event that is supporting the troops, and celebrating the military.

Both experienced and non-experienced EP trained personnel are welcome – the pay is the same for all… nada.  However, Black Ice will provide a letter of appreciation, a resume bullet you can use for future work, and the opportunity to work with and get to know others in the local EP industry.

NOTE:  You must be a graduate of a state recognized EP/PPS training course and/or an experienced EP agent.  All applicants will be screened and selected for this event based on your background (some experienced some not experienced). You must have suitable dress attire.

While we have had folks drive in from as far away as Chicago, this is mostly an event for local DC Metro people as there are no travel funds.  Should you desire to travel to this area to participate you may choose to commute from a local hotel, there are several within 10 miles of DC that are under $100 for double bed rooms. Some suggestions are at the end of the message.

The days we need to cover are:  Thursday the 13th, Friday the 14th, and Saturday the 15th from about 2PM to as late as 2AM.  If you do not or cannot pull and entire 12 hour shift, you can state what hours you would be available (new people I recommend putting in as many hours as you can as these kinds of hours are realistic and common as anyone will tell you).  If you can only come in for a few hours that is OK as it may help a lot at certain times.

Normally we have a longer lead time and this year was no exception, however our normal resources were unexpectedly – unavailable.  So I am opening this event up to my extended group as we need the support.

Here is what we need from each volunteer participant if possible:

Send to Black Ice:

A brief one paragraph bio. (include if you served in the military yourself, or perhaps a close relative if you wish) my example is below – brief is good.

A head and shoulders photo in a suit or equivalent for females.

A copy of your PPS credentials or something that shows where you have gone to school – references if you cannot provide this.

What is your availability between May 13 and May 15th, including hours available to work. (Minimum 4 hours)

I need your experience level – if you have not worked much – just tell me… we need both experienced and in-experienced (must be trained and qualified) personnel.  This event will help give that experience.

Pay – voluntary support – no pay, whenever possible a meal (normally pizza) will be provided by the host and drinks are usually available (it is wise to have to bring a snack just in case).  Each participant will be provided a resume bullet blurb to use, and a letter of appreciation from Black Ice.

All personnel will be required to wear a sports jacket, slacks, shirt and tie (minimum), a dark suit would be preferable, with female equivalent style attire.

I need a response by Tuesday the 11th so we can make assignments and a schedule.  The sooner the better for these assignments.  You can volunteer for more than one event, some in the past have worked all three events.

If selected, you will be contacted and given further instructions.

Thank you all, I look forward to meeting and working with you.


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