A Review of the Executive Protection International Conference

By Lionel Durant, PPS

The 29th annual Executive Protection International Conference took place this year in San Diego California. The EPIC Conference has evolved from the Executive Protection Institute’s Annual Conference which, in the past, had been limited to EPI graduates only.

The founder and leadership of the Executive Protection Institute saw fit to open the attendance to security industry professionals and graduates of other Executive Protection schools. There was an invitation extended and they were pleased to have a good number of graduates from Executive Security International graduates in attendance. ESI was well represented and the result was unprecedented networking opportunities.  I personally made some connections that have begun to pay off.

There was an impressive list of speakers at the EPIC Conference. They lead with a heavy hitter, Mr Jeff Marquart -  Executive Vice President of Gavin de Becker & Associates. Mr. Marquart is co-author of one of the Executive protection industries latest best-selling books “Just Two Seconds”.

He is an award winning author with articles published in magazines nationwide.  Mr. Marquart spoke about how the many hours of research conducted both himself and his colleagues became the book  “Just Two Seconds”. There were a multitude of lessons surrounding that research.

He proceeded to explain in depth how it all came together. “Just Two Seconds” is a must have for EP professionals and Mr. Marquart’s presence at the EPIC Conference was certainly a major highlight.   At the end of his presentation, he was happy to spend time answering all manner of questions from the attendees.

Another excellent speaker was Mr. Joe Autera, President and CEO of Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute. VDI is widely recognized as a one of the EP Industries best sources for many different types of training.  I have had the opportunity to hear Joe speak in the past and he both a very good speaker and a wealth of knowledge.

His presentation entitled “Surviving the Kill Zone- Human Factors are the Key” was eye opening. He outlined how to develop training exercises to exploit these “Human Factors” and in doing so create realistic training in which failure is a real option.  Discussions about the results of a recent VDI training exercise sparked a highly animated follow up discussion.  I am almost sure that VDI  will enjoy increased enrollment so that the pros in the room can experience that training first hand.

One presentation that had everyone paying very close attention was entitled “Legal Questions and Considerations for Protection Professionals”  by Mr. Edgar Mosquera Jr, Corporate Counsel for Protection Resources International, a Chicago based EP Firm.

His Presentation was about IRS tax exclusions for security related Transportation. I am in no way a master of legal jargon but according to Mr.Mosquera Jr, there are several conditions which, once met, will allow clients to write off the cost of having security drivers. Who would be opposed to a huge tax write off? I suggest consulting Edward Mosquera Jr. for more details or your own tax preparer.

Over all, the classes offered, the networking opportunities and the excellent speakers made for a first rate conference. The agenda covered many areas of professional interest, helped individuals gain credentials in new regions, and created goodwill among members of two if the country’s most well known executive protection schools.

There were many speakers that I did not mention but I assure you that they were all of the highest standards and had a lot to offer.  It is my hope that the EPIC Conference continues the high standard of operation that the attendees enjoyed this year.

For more information on the conference, and the speakers, please refer to
The Executive Protection Institute Web Page
The Executive Protection Institute Facebook Page. http://www.facebook.com/luka.stanko#!/group.php?gid=144998985526309

Written by Lionel E. Durant, PPS, 1995 Executive Protection Institute Graduate, Class# 57

  • Gina Johnson

    Lionel, thanks for the review I wish I could’ve been there.

  • Lionel Durant

    Hello Gina,
    The good news is that you can come out to the next one. Refer to the links I provided so you can stay abreast of the developments.

    I hope to meet you at the next one.

  • Mark Anthony Pena

    Good job Lionel! This review was well put together and appreciated. I hope our next conference is even bigger. See u soon brother

  • Lionel Durant

    Thank You Mark.

  • Mike

    Lionel thanks for the review

  • John Musser

    Great review, thanks for taking the time to write it up
    it was great to see you there.

  • http://www.personalprotection.com John Negus

    Good job Lionel. I was very glad you could make it. Great AAR and great writing skills. Stay safe.