Bodyguard Careers Interviewed on Voice America

Update 5/21/2011

I guess there was some technical difficulties with the original link, so many were not able to hear the interview live. It’s my understanding that the engineers have everything worked out now, so without further ado, here is the radio interview that you can listen to or download as an MP3 or iTunes download. Please let me know what your thoughts are.


This Friday at 1:00 pm CST, Bodyguard Careers will be featured on “On America’s Frontlines of Crime & War” found on Voice America which broadcast to over 130+ countries. The show host, JJ Sutton and William Vinelli will interview the President of Bodyguard Careers  Harlan “Hucky” Austin.

Past guests from the executive protection community have included: Jerry Heying of EPI, Brandon Delcamp ESI, and Elijah Shaw at Icon. You can tune in live or log in later and listen anytime (you can also download the program as an MP3 or itunes download).

Date:  May 20th

Episode Title: Getting Hired: The Hard Part of Executive Protection

Episode Description: For centuries bodyguards have been putting their lives in the hands of fate while they ply their trade and protect another from potential harm. It’s a mysterious business and conjures up romantic ideals, boosts thoughts of high honor and integrity, and a life of danger & excitement. The modern world now calls this Executive Protection (EP).

Executive Protection is now a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. Getting in the door can be a daunting task sometimes for those not already invited in.

One of the industry’s professionals & allies comes to us in this episode to share advice, secrets, and practical tips on how to make it happen.

For those who have heard the calling it sometimes takes a little more than mastering the hard skills to get thru the door and make a good career in this industry.

There are pitfalls around every corner, a long list of do’s and don’ts, so tune in for this episode and find out how it can be done.

To listen to the show click: HERE

  • Rick Knowles

    Couldn’t interview a more professional veteran than Harlan “Hucky” Austin! I look forward to listening in!

  • Hucky

    Rick, thanks for the compliments. I’m very excited, hopefully it turns out well.

  • Anderson

    Cool, I can’t wait to hear the interview. Is that the title of your new book, Big Mike was telling me that you have a book coming out soon.

  • Chris Brown

    Man Hucky, that’s why Ilove your website always cutting-edge stuff. First time I’ve ever heard of this Internet radio station, I’m listening to Jerry’s interview right now, solid stuff man

  • Hucky

    Anderson, the book is scheduled to come out to first week of July. I’m working with a very talented writer by the name of, Alexia Nompeli we are very excited about the book which is entitled: Getting Hired: The Hard Part of Executive Protection

  • Joe

    Looking forward to this

  • Doc Rogers

    Hucky: Highly professional interview, very interesting and exciting to listen to. Great work my friend!!

  • Hucky

    Thanks Doc