The Two-Minute Video Tip: Comfortable Footwear

Thankfully, most details don’t require you to wear a coat and tie and dress shoes every day like they used to. We can thank the tech industry for relaxing our standard a bit and making us comfortable. However there’s a fine line though. While you want to be comfortable, you still need to have the appropriated footwear for whatever detail your working. In this installment of Bodyguard Careers: 2 Minute Tips, Harlan Austin speaks to ICON Services Corporation CEO Elijah Shaw, regarding this topic.

  • Hucky

    Footwear is a BIG issue w/ me. Here’s what works for me, I like Clark’s for comfort. I also like Josef Seibel, I believe they are made in Hungary.
    Another good shoe that I really like is “Pikalinos”. A well built dress/casual shoe from Spain. Great shoe w/ all day comfort and lots of cushion and air circulation. The Josef Seibel’s and Pikalino’s run about the same at $100.00 to $140.00 p/ pair. Clark’s run the same or slightly higher. Some Kenneth Cole’s are OK but nothing as good as Siebel’s, Pikalino’s or Clark’s. That’s my .02 cents


  • Josh

    I wear ECCO’s and love them. Comfortable & durable, they aren’t the cheapest but if you want a shoe that shines up well, is comfortable and will withstand a lot of wear and tear, ECCO’s are hard to beat.

  • Elijah Shaw

    The above are all good choices. (Just learned about ECCO’s in the last year, and I also like them.) Harlan, I’m glad we had a chance to chat about this topic as I believe there is more to the industry than just firearms and bulletproof vest.

    What are some of the other favorites/tips from EP Agents out there?

  • Devon

    The video was truly informative and I know that this topic is a very important one for anyone in a profession where they are on their feet all of the time. My comment would be toward the video. I have been shooting video for a couple of years so here is just a tip. Have the camera a bit closer to the subjects such as a Medium shot and have the subjects face the camera instead of each other for the subjects know each other, the viewers don’t. It is best to face the camera that way we are introduced to who is speaking and not disconnected or disassociated with them by only seeing a side profile. These tips were excellent for me although I do not perform a service of protection I do however am on my feet for long periods of time. Thanks Guys!!

  • Rick Knowles

    It’s not very easy to get Siebel’s. Pikalino’s or Clark’s when you have size 18 shoes! Dunham Oxford’s with extra Dunham Sole for this guy!

  • http://www.bodyguardblog Elijah Shaw

    Devon, thanks for the tips. Just like we (hope to) know our profession extremely well, it’s apparent you know yours. We’ll see about implementing your suggestions in future editions. (unless you’ve volunteering to come up and assist with the cinematography??? :)

  • http://www.bodyguardblog Elijah Shaw

    Rick do they even make a size 18 anywhere???

  • Alonzo Gomez

    EP-appropriate footwear is a HUGE topic! Some give up the search and end up wearing sneakers or combat boots on the job. Others go for style and compromise safety and comfort.
    A conservative, professional, long-lasting dress shoe that’s comfortable and quiet after a whole shift, either active or standing still… is a holy grail of sorts.

    I’ve been reasonably happy with Rockports and Deer Stags in the past, but I’m sure glad that my assignments are more casual these days. I actually turn down event work now in good part because of the thought of being tortured by hours on my feet in dress shoes.