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Bodyguard ServicesIf you are in need of personal protection, consider Bodyguard Services from Bodyguard Careers.  Our goal is to connect experienced, well-trained, and dependable Executive Protections Specialists (Bodyguards) with individuals in need of personal protection. Due to our current economic state, more and more fortune 500 companies are finding it necessary to utilize these services. We have an elite corps of individuals; the caliber of talent within our extensive database is widespread and appropriate for a variety of protection service needs. Our expertise in the field of Executive Protection means we can assess what skill set, training, and on-the-job experience that is required for any type of security detail. This broad base of knowledge means we will present you with the absolute best talent for any position–from one-time, on call services to permanent full time contracts. If you are seeking individuals with whom you can place your trust in, we have outstanding candidates for you to choose from!

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Jackson Chambers

Cedric Tortevoix

Rick Knowles

Douglas Belton

Ben Coleman Executive Protection

Ben Coleman

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