The Way of the Professional Bodyguard


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By Doc Rogers

Today’s professional bodyguards (executive protection specialists) are a unique breed, whether performing assigned duties or planning career moves they are ambitious and demanding; but methodical in their approach. Principals expect orderly and professional behavior from their bodyguards and the operational techniques of the bodyguard are done according to a systematic and established form of procedure. Although most are experts in tactical shooting professional bodyguards are more likely to use intellect as a weapon rather than the firearm concealed under their business suit.

The protective methodology of the professional bodyguard is one of a ‘problem solver’ who avoids threats directed towards the principal at all costs. Bodyguards are known for their ability to discreetly protect their principals and return them home safely each night. If in the unlikely situation a sudden unexpected threat appears the bodyguard will instinctively shield the principal with his own body while evacuating the principal from the kill-zone; this is not only his jobs, but his duty.

This selfless sense of duty is only a small part of what takes to be a professional bodyguard. The biggest part of being a bodyguard is to perform your tasks with honor, integrity, trust and with confident performance for a successful assignment. If you don’t have strict self-discipline, high standards, teamwork and determination, you might as well stay home. However, if you got what it takes now is the time to deliberately and selflessly move forward and push beyond your physical comfort zone to keep your team and principal safe; because that is the way of the bodyguard. Keep safe and God speed.

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Executive Protection Jobs

gdba_on_blackJob Alert: San Francisco, CA

Protection Specialist

Job Description Gavin de Becker & Associates is an elite private security firm that protects and advises the nation’s most at-risk public figures and organizations, to include media figures, business leaders, transnational corporations, global operations centers, law enforcement units, and government agencies.

• Now Hiring.  We seek to hire smart, physically fit, and motivated professionals for our Protective Security Division.  Men and women who seek a security career in executive protection and threat assessment.

• Protection.  Our associates operate in dynamic environments, protecting at-risk public figures at their residences, their businesses, and in public.  Often assigned to full-time Command Centers and global operations centers, our associates manage the safety and security of our clients 24 hours a day.

• Travel.  Many of our associates travel with clients and protect clients at public appearances, while in foreign countries, on film locations. etc.

• Merit.  Advancement is by merit, not seniority, and there are many opportunities for advancement.

• Salary.  Our firm offers a higher starting salary than most law enforcement careers to include LAPD, NYPD, Chicago PD, and Atlanta PD.  Typical first year earnings in San Francisco range from $50,000 to $85,000.  And through our merit-based system that rewards performance (not seniority), many 2nd or 3rd year associate salaries exceed this first year earnings range.

• Benefits.  Our full-time associates are provided with exceptional benefits packages which medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, long-term disability insurance, and a 401K retirement plan.

• Join our Team.  Conduct your own research about Gavin de Becker & Associates and you’ll see why we are known as the world’s leading experts in security, executive protection, and threat assessment.  We invite you to be part of our team! Desired Skills & Experience We are seeking:

• Men and women with integrity and high ethical standards.

• Physically fit.  *All candidates must pass our physical readiness test.

(Standards may be found on our careers website.) • Individuals with excellent communication skills.

• Drug-free and nicotine-free.  Associates submit to on-going drug and nicotine screening.

Company Description Gavin de Becker & Associates, Inc. is a world leader in executive protection and threat assessment. Headquartered in Los Angeles and operating in major cities across the world (including New York, San Francisco, and London), our firm protects and advises a wide-range group of clients that includes the world’s most famous and the world’s most anonymous. From media figures and transnational corporations to universities and women’s shelters, Gavin de Becker & Associates stands on the front line of the assessment, prediction, and management of violence. Founded in Los Angeles by Gavin de Becker in 1978, our firm is based in fifteen different locations across the world where we advise and protect our clients in every environment imaginable. Additionally, our associates also research, write, and lecture on all aspects of high-level executive protection and physical security. As we expand our services across the country, Gavin de Becker & Associates remains a strict meritocracy that rewards performance, innovation, and creativity.

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Executive Protection Jobs

facebook-sign-89Job Alert: Menlo Park, CA

Executive Protection Detail Leader


Responsible for protection of personnel as well as property and personal assets in a global setting, identifying, developing and implementation of training programs for EP agents, Identification, training and deployment of systems to aid protection teams. • Will work daily in collaboration and coordination of with peers in Global Logistics and Global Physical Security managers to develop and implement enterprise wide executive protection program at Facebook. • Will maintain the highest levels of integrity and discretion on all matters related to the principles involved in the enterprise wide executive protection program and treat all matters with the utmost confidentiality. • Should have established liaison with other Fortune 500 Executive Protection managers, a proven track record and thorough understanding of executive protection in a corporate environment as well as established liaison with local, state, federal, and international law enforcement.


Candidates must possess a 10-year minimum strong working knowledge and experience of EP operations working with executive and corporate protection with a minimum of 5 years as a Detail Leader. • Candidates must maintain themselves in excellent physical condition and must be able to work comfortably in a team environment as well as collaborate and communicate peer to peer and at the executive level of the company. • Candidates must have attended specialized training in tactical driving, self-defense, certification in First Aid/CPR, defibrillator usage and first responder medicine. • Applicants must be prepared for domestic and overseas travel and be able to pass a company background check. • Candidates must have a clean driver’s license record. • Candidates should have superb writing and verbal communication skills with the ability to interact and communicate effectively and seamlessly with corporate executives and senior colleagues in business and social environments, a college degree is preferred. • Candidates works with internal security groups and and business unit management to establish and gain consensus on project goals, objectives and deliverables. • Candidates will be responsible for EP project development and communication to include the evaluation and assessment to the degree to which scope changes, issues and risks will affect project approach and/or project or detail deliverables. • Candidates will always work with department, divisional management and sponsors to gain detail agreement for resolution. • Candidates will be responsible to measure both detail and employee performance to assure that all projects and personnel are progressing in project and growth plans and report those metrics to the Director of Global Physical Security and EP Logistics, as directed. • Candidates will develop Personnel performance plans, employee evaluations is progressing in accordance with the directives and long term strategy of the Director of Global Physical Security and EP Logistics. • Candidates will execute and close projects meeting milestone dates and objectives of the Physical Security and EP Logistics team. • Candidates will develop and execute work plans obtaining authorized resources to ensure all activities are performed. • Candidates will gather lessons learned and obtain final project approval from Director of Physical Security and EP Logistics and appropriate stakeholders. • Candidates will actively manage project risks and develop and communicate detailed mitigation strategies to the Physical Security and Logistics teams. • Candidates will routinely communicate project progress by through project reports to provide timely and accurate project status and decision support information to project team, department and Physical Security and EP Logistics team management. • Candidates will provide coordination to both the EP and Physical Security teams to establish and gain consensus on project goals schedules using standard internal project management tools for reporting project status and process improvements to internal/external clients, and security management.

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Bodyguard Jobs: St. Louis Mo


Learn how to be a bodyguard

Bodyguard Jobs

Position: Executive Protection Specialists

Location: St. Louis,  Mo

Salary: 90,000 a year

Posted Date: March 26, 2013

Close Date: April 12, 2013

Job Description: Our client is a St. Louis -based company that is looking to hire an Executive Protection Specialist to provide daily coverage and close protection activities for designated principals on a worldwide basis. 

In this role, the successful applicant will be responsible for adhering to Executive protection protocol and executing the full suite of Executive protection assignments in varying degrees. In addition the successful applicant will be responsible for:

  • Providing limited logistical support in regards to security for the client.
  • Executing basic security functions, i.e., perimeter and access control, identification procedures, command post operations, patrolling, secure assets/property and post standing duties.
  • Coordinating movements and logistics to support the client’s itinerary.
  • Execute proactive measures to insure the safety of the client, i.e. bug sweeps, research, and the collection of applicable information and intelligence, counter-surveillance.

Resume must reflect recent protection of family of corporate CEO/CFO/COO – no exceptions!!!!

The ideal candidate needs the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of five years prior experience working as an Executive Protection Specialist.
  • Experience providing protection for private, high-net-worth families; government officials or diplomats
  • Excellent physical condition 
  • Exceptional problem-solving, flexible and adaptability, and decision-making skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

 To apply for this position click on the following link: Bodyguard Jobs fill out form and copy paste resume in the message box.