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Since 2006, Bodyguard Careers has been the number one resource for Executive Protection specialists seeking to gain the tools and resources for success in this competitive and dynamic field.

As a result of our standing in the protective industry many individuals and organizations consult with us to help staff their domestic and international EP details. These clients are looking for seasoned, vetted EP specialists who will fit in well to the client’s environment. Until now we have been referring a select group of EP specialists to these clients but the demand for our staffing services has since exploded and we are in search of more seasoned EP specialist to fill our ranks in the following cities

• Atlanta
• Chicago
• Houston
• London
• Los Angeles
• Las Vegas
• Miami
• New York
• Paris
• Philadelphia
• San Francisco
• Washington D.C

If you are interested in undergoing our thorough vetting process for bodyguard jobs, have the experience pre-requisites listed below, and have last minute, worldwide deployability, please send email to hucky@bodyguardcareers.com to begin the screening and assessment process.

• Minimum of five years working experience in EP operations, with Federal, state or local law enforcement, U.S. Military or Fortune 100 corporations.

• Must be in excellent physical condition and must be able to work comfortably in a team environment as well as collaborate and communicate peer to peer and at the executive level of the company.

• Must have certification for EP training.

• Must have certification in First Aid/CPR, defibrillator usage and first responder medicine.

• Must have a clean driver’s license record.

• Must be Drug-free.

• Must have clean background.

• Will need head shot photo.

• Will need current CV/Resume.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you aboard Bodyguard Careers.

Bodyguard Jobs: St. Louis Mo


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Bodyguard Jobs

Position: Executive Protection Specialists

Location: St. Louis,  Mo

Salary: 90,000 a year

Posted Date: March 26, 2013

Close Date: April 12, 2013

Job Description: Our client is a St. Louis -based company that is looking to hire an Executive Protection Specialist to provide daily coverage and close protection activities for designated principals on a worldwide basis. 

In this role, the successful applicant will be responsible for adhering to Executive protection protocol and executing the full suite of Executive protection assignments in varying degrees. In addition the successful applicant will be responsible for:

  • Providing limited logistical support in regards to security for the client.
  • Executing basic security functions, i.e., perimeter and access control, identification procedures, command post operations, patrolling, secure assets/property and post standing duties.
  • Coordinating movements and logistics to support the client’s itinerary.
  • Execute proactive measures to insure the safety of the client, i.e. bug sweeps, research, and the collection of applicable information and intelligence, counter-surveillance.

Resume must reflect recent protection of family of corporate CEO/CFO/COO – no exceptions!!!!

The ideal candidate needs the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of five years prior experience working as an Executive Protection Specialist.
  • Experience providing protection for private, high-net-worth families; government officials or diplomats
  • Excellent physical condition 
  • Exceptional problem-solving, flexible and adaptability, and decision-making skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

 To apply for this position click on the following link: Bodyguard Jobs fill out form and copy paste resume in the message box.


Going After the Bodyguard Jobs

Bodyguard Jobs: By Doc Rogers

You’ve been to a descent bodyguard academy already, but still have not gotten work in the trade.  You don’t need any more classes or specialized bodyguard workshops at this stage. This does not mean you will not continue to hone your craft. However, at present you need to go directly for what you need – go after the bodyguard jobs.

• Get directly in touch with the people doing the hiring.

• Let these people know you exist.

• Bring yourself to their attention to get hired.

• Demonstrate the value you bring to the table.

To demonstrate the value you hold by presenting a professional résumé. One that is well written and shows good training and work experience; hire a professional. If you are new to the trade and don’t have any background experience, show how your past employment has been a stepping stone and how it relates to you in becoming a professional bodyguard. Stress your bodyguard academy training and the additional assets you’ve learned. This will certainly demonstrate your value.

Next, is the old standby networking; I know you’ve been told this over and over, but have you really tried professional networking? Professional networking is one of the most important actions you can take in the bodyguard trade.  It is vital to your success in the industry. Owners of executive protection, VIP protection, close protection and professional bodyguard company’s must network.  For them to maintain success they network with other professionals in the trade to find agents for new assignments, to obtain new resources and contacts.  They have no choice, same goes for you. Look at every opportunity as a networking event.  You have to know the professionals who do the hiring in the bodyguard trade, because they hire the people they know in their network.

In order to get Bodyguards jobs, bodyguards need to start promoting, advertising and marketing themselves because they are the product. Nobody will hire you if they don’t know you exist this should be done in a discreet and professional manner. This includes sending out résumés, passing out professional business cards and again networking with industry leaders and senior veterans of the trade on the social media and bodyguard jobs  sites.  However, before you do any of these activities you must believe in yourself and the value you bring to the table.  Get out and make contact, show ambition; let people know that you are a contender.  Keep safe and God speed.


Job Alert: Multiple Cities

Gavin de Becker & Associates is currently screening candidates for full-time positions within their Protective Security Division in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, San Diego, Atlanta, and Austin.

To apply for these executive protection jobs, please visit their website www.gavindebecker.com/careers.  Click on the Join tab, and it will prompt you to upload your resume and complete our online questionnaire.

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Happy Job Hunting

Bodyguard Careers Staff

The Bodyguard Job Hunter’s Checklist

Bodyguard job hunting is a job in itself, and there are many ways of going about it. Job agencies, sending out resumes and posting ads are the traditional ways to get a BG and they still work. However, there are more ways to hunt for a bodyguard job. Use the bodyguard job hunter’s checklist below for your assistance.

1. Direct approach; knocking on the door of the corporation you are interested in working for and dropping off your resume personally. This may be done whether they have posted an bodyguard job opening or not.  This is called “cold calling” contacting the corporate bodyguard department or executive protection unit directly to find out if they foresee any upcoming vacancies.

2. Most bodyguard jobs are not advertised; for this reason it is a good idea to send your resume out to corporations at random. There are always hidden BG jobs waiting to be discovered out there.

3. The old standby networking; however I believe it should be done with a new twist. Don’t ask everyone you meet you are looking for a job, first develop a relationship with that persons, let them know what resources and expertise you bring to the table. How you can help them, and not how they can help you. The more people you develop a relationship and know what you bring to the table the more opportunities you will have.

4. Target overseas companies; don’t be afraid to send your resume to overseas corporations if you are not having any luck locally. Make a list of overseas companies in the areas of operation that you would like to work. Call these overseas companies directly to see if they have any bodyguard job openings.

5. Meet directly with bodyguards; put on some professional attire and meet up with bodyguards that you have met on the social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). Again, tell them how you can assist them with their operations locally and overseas. Don’t ask for a job, build a friendship, but do bring your resume for his or her review and for verification of your bodyguard training and experience so they know you are a legitimate professional.

6. Look for temporary bodyguard employment; these type of jobs can be found at boxing, mix martial arts (MMA) events, concerts and cultural entertainment and beauty pageants, anywhere there is a need for bodyguards due to local or international stars, celebrities, VIP’s and famous individuals being in attendance. Obtaining a temporary bodyguard job at one of these events, get your foot in the door, you may be called upon for future work or it can lead to permanent bodyguard position.

I hope this has been of assistance and I wish you all Good Luck on your bodyguard job hunt. Keep safe and God speed.