If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Be a Bodyguard

By Doc Rogers

The bodyguard trade has a price, everyone must pay for admission. When you first start you must get specific executive protection training from a recognized school. The training does not come cheap, but look at it as an investment. Once you successfully complete your training there are additional fees that must be paid and honestly many bodyguard candidates aren’t willing to pay.

This includes long workdays (12-20 hours) intense agendas and stressful conditions, weeks and even months away from your family, living out of a suitcase and lots of unexciting hotel and airline food.  These are not complainants. The pay is decent; hard work deserves good pay and most of us knew what the job entailed before we got into the trade. However, I want to make it clear that this type of work isn’t for everybody. If it was an easy way of life, everyone would be a bodyguard.

If after reading the above, you are still interested in becoming a bodyguard, than you have the required determination and heart to succeed.  I’m not trying to discourage people from entering the trade, but remember there is a price to pay. You may be in for a struggle and lots of non-glamorous work. After your initial bodyguard training at the academy do not stop your learning process. Read everything you can on the subject.  There is no such thing as too much experience and knowledge.

When looking for work in the industry do not pass up volunteer jobs. This includes volunteering your time at local celebrity dinners or functions.  These volunteer jobs always tend to payoff in the future. It also looks good on your résumé.  But remember; go to give, not to take and serve greatly.

Next suggestion, move to city where the bodyguard trade is in demand. It is possible to find bodyguard work anywhere in the world.   But your best chances are in a city the needs bodyguards.  Do not move to any particular city on a whim. Be prepared and do your research first.  Start making daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals for your bodyguard career.

When you first start, start out small. Get some quality business cards made, start meeting others bodyguards on Facebook and LinkedIn. Start attending bodyguard workshops in your area and mailing your résumé to Fortune 500 company executive protection units. Just make sure your résumé makes a good impression before sending them out. As you meet each goal, generate a new one until you land a bodyguard job and obtain a long-term career. With heart and determination you will make it. Keep safe and God speed.

How to Excel in the Bodyguard Trade

By Doc Rogers

For many the bodyguard industry is not easy to excel in. Breaking into the bodyguard business can be an uphill battle.  This is the cold, harsh reality of the bodyguard and executive protection industry. However, there are a number of executive protection and bodyguard schools you can attend to better your chances of breaking into the trade. Refer to Harlan (Hucky) Austin’s Executive Protection Schools E-book to find the best options.  Here are some suggestions that have helped me over the years to excel in the profession, protecting people, making a good living and doing what I love. Please pay very close attention.

1. Customer Service.  Whether you are just starting out in the business or a seasoned veteran you need to provide customer service.  Some misinformed apprentice bodyguards don’t get this. Their point of view is “I’m a bodyguard, protecting clients’ against personal threats; I don’t need to provide customer service.”  Bodyguarding and executive protection is a service industry; we are here to improve the client’s quality of life. Customer service provides value to your client, builds your professional reputation and helps you to earn client loyalty.  And to do this you must be hundred per cent focused on the client.

2. Get Results. In your efforts to provide amazing service to your clients, make sure you give them the results they are looking for.  You don’t hear the word “results” often when talking about the bodyguard trade. Results are the favorable or concrete outcomes of your bodyguard duties.  Results speak louder than words. Here are some of the results clients may look for when retaining your bodyguard services:

A. Reduced fear. B. Reduced annoyances. C. Smooth and fast-tracked services. D. Crisp and expedient ground transportation.  E. VIP treatment. F. Low profile or high profile bodyguard service (depending on client’s request). G. Make a difference in the client’s life.

Bottom-line; do the things you were hired for in the first place. That’s why you are paid the big bucks. Do the above things consistently and watch your client base grow.

3. Network Intelligently. The bodyguard trade is a connections game. Who you know, can get you work and make your career. Start networking seriously and make the right connections. This is no easy business, but making good connections help. If you play your cards right, attend the right bodyguard academy, go to the right seminars, workshops and conventions you may find yourself employed and going on assignments in no time. The pitfalls; if you don’t plan you may find yourself unemployed and broke quickly. A winner plays the game like it is the last game he will ever play. It’s your decision.

4. Strive to Be Better Than Your Last Assignment.  Improve your bodyguard craft, service and people skills. Learn from your last assignment (the good, bad, and ugly). Commit yourself to do better each time. Keep learning the trade by reading and taking distance study courses. When not on the road attend bodyguard workshops and seminars and interact with the instructors and people in attendance. As you increase your knowledge, you will be able to help clients more efficiently.  There are no “get rich programs” in the bodyguard or executive protection trade only hard work, adding value and serving and keep client’s safe. Good luck and God speed.

EPIC-Lifeforce 2012


The top two Executive Protection schools in America, The Executive Protection Institute (EPI) and the Executive Security International (ESI) have joined together to co-sponsor this annual conference. ESI is the host of the conference in 2012 and EPI will host the conference in 2013, alternating each year after.

Finding work in the Executive Protection Industry

Executive Protection

Finding work in the Executive Protection Industry

Finding work in the executive protection industry can be very competitive. Having executive protection training and experience are assets that would enable you to do your job right. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the nature of the beast is that you are faced with an enormous amount of competitors targeting a very select market. Allow me to give you an example that perhaps will help you see this point from a different perspective.

For the sake of the argument let’s say that you are in a room with two hundred other people the same gender as you and you are all dressed the same way; remember, your physical appearance doesn’t matter and you all possess the same or very similar qualifications, experience, and executive protection training.

From a distance, you all look the same; the question is how you will make the potential employer pick you over everybody else? Sure, you can be the court jester, start jumping around yelling “pick me, pick me.” Realistically that approach will not get you the job, so making a fool out of yourself is not recommended.

What you need is to understand that the niche of executive protection employers you are targeting is specialized and has very specific needs. It’s your job, and yours only to find work. If your idea of executive protection job hunting is that the employer will come and knock on your door while you are in your pajamas at home browsing the internet, tweeting how you spent your night, or playing Farmville games on Facebook, you are severely deceived.

The reality is that it is up to you, and only you to make yourself available, find and utilize resources to get you where you are envisioning yourself to be. There is no genie that will jump out of the oil lamp and will inform you that you have three wishes available at your disposal. In other words, you need a plan.

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The Two-Minute Video Tip: Choosing The Right EP School


In this week’s installment of the two-minute video tip, host Harlan (Hucky) Austin along with special guest Elijah Shaw talk about choosing the right Executive Protection School.

Without a doubt, one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of obtaining work as an Executive Protection Specialist (Bodyguard) is to obtain top-notch training.

That being said, it is certainly meaningful when I see Executive Protection course work from a reputable school on an individual’s resume. By reputable, I mean a program that is run by individuals who themselves have stellar credentials and years of experience in the business.