Increasing your value as an Executive Protection Professional

By Doug Belton

There are no elaborate schemes or formulas for earning more in executive protection; it really comes down to a single thing.  Never cut your rates.  As simple as this one thing sounds, anyone who has been in business at all will know there always seem to be compelling reasons to cut your rates but when you do so, you create a landslide of obstacles barring access to increased future earnings.

We have all experienced the disappointment of purchasing an item or service at full price only to find the same item from the same provider days later for substantially less money.  When this happens it doesn’t take much to figure out that the seller was offering the item far above market value in the first place. 

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Executive Protection – EP Operations Center

By: Doc Rogers

On larger and/or multi-principal international assignments, you may be requested to set up an operations center (OC). This is a hotel room with the beds removed and working tables and several folding chairs brought in. This room is not for sleeping or comfort; it’s the OC.

It should have computers, charts, briefing boards, maps from the area where the assignment is taking place, CNN Headline News for a source of continuous intelligence gathering, phones and radios for communicating with agents and security drivers in the field. This will give them a heads-up on any local situation or immediately pass along an important development as well as giving them an area to conduct tactical conferences.

Communication from the OC should be excellent to avoid any confusion or communication breakdowns. The personnel in the ops center need to have the ability to communicate with the agents and security drivers. OC personnel need to work together to resolve any problems and have an in-depth understanding of what is require by the agents in the field. The personnel should listen more than they talk to build good working relationships and should have the ability to work harmoniously with the EPU (executive protection unit) in the field.

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Executive Protection Training

Executive Protection Training During Tough Financial Times

By Doc Rogers

The current recession has made us all re-think our spending habits. For many agents the logical solution for their financial relief is to make tough cutbacks.

This could mean postponing the purchase of that new model firearm, that tactical folder knife, or going out on the town with your team mates. However, this should not include training. Agents should improve and hone their skills. This will ensure that every step you take in the industry, you will be prepared to succeed.

Be known as the one who is always building and updating skills, and who works harder than anyone else. Ramp-up your training when the going gets tough. Improve the skills you already have, deepen your industry credentials by reading books and manuals, industry related newsletters, magazines, as well as taking distance learning courses to stay on top.

These suggestions will not only improve your work product in the field, but will be creating solid experience and and achievement in this industry. Before investing in a book, magazine, newsletter or distance learning course, ensure that the training you take will be a contribution and is necessary to the well-being of your principles, or clients, as well as the EPU (executive protection unit).

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