Selection of an Executive Protection Specialist

By Nathan Seabrook

Listed below are some examples of what many clients look for when hiring a protection specialist. These points have been compiled from a list of clients that have contacted Bodyguard Staffing looking for possible protection specialists to fill positions for protection details.

•    Easy going and Confident
•    Honest
•    High Moral character and integrity
•    Good Conversationalist
•    Clean cut
•    Good Physical appearance
•    Not intimidated and can make split second decisions
•    Not cocky
•    No criminal background or history
•    Has presence
•    Non smoker/Tobacco user
•    Non drinker
•    Good People skills
•    Good personal hygiene
•    Advanced first aid certifications
•    Former Police officer or Military
•    Clean driving record
•    Current permit to “carry weapons”
•    Good interpersonal relation skills
•    Martial Arts background
•    Mentally stable
•    Stable employment record
•    Has good social etiquette
•    Able to think |”outside of the box”
•    Work as a team player or individually
•    Able to speak a foreign language
•    Able to “Switch On” on and then “Switch off” in rapid succession if a threat arises
•    Understanding of the law and legal issues with the use of force
•    Able to keep personal issues dealing with race, religion, gender to oneself
•    Commonsense

Operating in Beirut

Operating in Beirut: Part 1

By Georges Tabet

Beirut Lebanon was once called the Paris of the Middle East, it was a beautiful city that had culture, incredible hotels a fabulous night life and pristine white sandy beaches, but the start of a bloody 15 year civil war, that took the lives of an estimated 130000 changed this cultured and peaceful country into the wild west of the Middle East.

When the fighting ended in the spring of 1991, the country had transformed itself into a divided nation, a nation that during the hostile years had nurtured a number of groups
That had risen into powerful politically charged armed groups with names like Hezbollah, Amal (the Lebanese Resistance Detachments) and the Syrian Socialist National Party. Many of these groups are hostile towards westerners and are backed by hostile nations such as Iran and Syria.

Any protection specialist worth their salt and who has operated in Beirut after the civil war fully understands that the city and country can stay quite and non threatening for extended periods of time and then without a moments notice or escalating build up can suddenly explode into a hostile situation.

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