Executive Close Protection

Executive Protection

By Bodyguard Careers Staff

Executive Close Protection also known as bodyguard services, or close personal protection refers to the security measures taken to protect high profile individuals from adversaries wish to cause them physical harm or mental distress.

The list of people with high profiles includes, but is not limited to, politicians, celebrities, wealthy business executives, etc. Robert Oatman in his book, The Art of Executive Protection outlines the range of threats an individual and his family may face: “assassination, kidnapping, street (workplace) violence, attacks by insane persons or zealots, embarrassment, injury, illness or medical emergencies, and that which is least expected.”

Oatman also explains the philosophy behind executive protection and the 6 principles associated with this philosophy: “1) Shape destiny, 2) Anybody can protect anybody, 3) If you have to stop and think about it, it’s too late, 4) Executive protection specialists get their clients out of trouble and keep them out of trouble, 5) For the executive, security and convenience are usually at opposite ends of a continuum, and 6) The greatest tool in executive protection is the Executive Protection specialist’s mind; technology is of limited use.”

Executive protection for high profile individuals is highly recommended prior to danger knocking on the door. It is imperative to take measures to prevent an attack from happening rather than trying to remedy a dangerous situation. Prevention and anticipation is the recipe of success for all executive protection specialists and the mantra to live by would be: “leave nothing to chance!”


Formal and advanced training are synonyms of success for all executive protection specialists. Click the link below for more details: