Real World Executive Protection for the Solo Agent


This three day, intermediate course is focused on techniques, tips and methods for theEarpiece_Wire_From_Back_1264122

SOLO Executive Protection Agent (SOLO EPA). Anyone who has attended a

reputable executive protection school will tell you that while most formal training teaches

team tactics, the reality is that for many executive protection professionals, the job is a


The instructors for this course are highly trained in the field of executive protection and

have over 60 years of experience in the field. And while they have worked in teams over

the years, the vast majority of their professional careers have been as SOLO EPA. This is

the course they wished they had taken when they were first starting out in the field –

Sixty years worth of insider tips, tricks and shortcuts for the SOLO EPA.

Why Should I Take this Course?

This is an intermediate course designed with the SOLO Executive Protection Agent in

mind. While having a foundation in basic executive protection is a plus, it is not

necessarily a requirement to get the most out of this course. If you are working in the

field of executive protection as a solo agent (or are planning to), you will benefit from

this course whether you are a newbie with no previous training, a recent graduate of an

executive protection school or seasoned veteran.

What Will I learn?

Students in this course will learn how to efficiently manage the executive protection

process for a Celebrity or High Net worth Client when working alone. This is a method

course (not a theory course) so although there will be some time spent in the classroom,

the vast majority of the course will be held outside the traditional classroom.

The course will specifically focus on providing solo protection for a client in the

following venues:

• Commercial and Private Airports

• Hotels and Restaurants

• Auditoriums, Theaters, Stadiums and other Performance Places

• Health Clubs and Spas

• Golf Courses and Country Clubs

• Casinos, Race Tracks and Sporting Events

The student will learn first hand how to effectively and efficiently advance, secure and

navigate with their client through the aforementioned venues without the assistance of

other team members. The student will interact with local law enforcement, emergency

medical personnel, international airport and TSA personnel hotel management, venue

security and many other professionals throughout the three day course. Students will also

receive many helpful checklists, web links, mobile phone apps and a list of telephone

numbers and contacts that make the job of the solo executive protection practitioner safer

and easier and more efficient.

This is a real world method course and many find it to be physically and mentally

demanding. The student should expect to spend long periods of time on their feet and in

motion in various settings in and around the metropolitan area over the course of the

three days. The student will also participate in several, practical exercises and be graded

on their performance.

A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the course. The course is also

eligible for ASIS credit.

Tuition: $750.00 with financing available

Dates: November 7-9th 2014

The course format requires the total number of students be limited to 15 students.

Reserve your space now.

For more information or to register for the course, please contact us at 952 928-8400 or

send an email to