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If you are in need of bodyguard services, consider using the Bodyguard Services Directory from Bodyguard Careers. We offer you a nation-wide listing of experienced, well-trained, and dependable Executive Protection Specialists (Bodyguards.) Due to the current economic state of our country, more and more fortune 500 companies and private individuals are finding it necessary to utilize these services. To get started, here’s some Bodyguard basics to assist you (or the decision-makers in your business) in making a well-informed decision. First: What should you look for in a bodyguard.

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When it Comes to Bodyguard Services

When it comes to bodyguard services, Bigger is Not Better. At one time, the bodyguard business was made up entirely of men—the bigger, and the more intimidating, the better. That is no longer the case. These days, you’ll find that Bodyguards (also known as “Personal Protection Specialists” or “Close Personal Protection”) may be men or women.

Females have increasingly joined the business, due to an increased need by women clients; many prefer to have a female bodyguard, due to the often personal nature of the protection details. Size is no longer a defining factor in selecting your appropriate protection specialist; the fastest, and most successful are not necessarily the tallest or heaviest. The ability to anticipate problems, and highly developed interpersonal skills are of primary importance.

Bodyguard Services

Bigger is Not Better

An outstanding bodyguard is intelligent, with strong communication skills. Did you know the number one priority of the successful bodyguard is to AVOID physical confrontation whenever possible; so your bodyguard needs to be smart-witted, well-spoken and able to diffuse situations with his (or her) persuasive personality and sometimes even with humor!

Most are physically fit, because the shifts are often long, and in the event that physical strength (or speed) is required, your bodyguard must be able to take care of business. A true professional bodyguard is discreet when it’s called for, loyal and dependable and continually communicating with the you (or your client) as circumstances shift. Prior experience is essential for the more high-risk situations. It is also key that the bodyguard is familiar with the building or the area in which you, or the protectee, are situated, in the event of an evacuation, and able to problem-solve with ease.

What Type of Bodyguard Services Do You Require?

We offer you a Directory of companies and individuals appropriate for a variety of bodyguard services. Below is a breakdown of several areas of Protective Services to help you determine the best fit for your particular needs.

CELEBRITY BODYGUARD: If you are seeking a bodyguard for yourself, or if you are searching on behalf of a celebrity, you may not be fully aware of the special security requirements inherent with protecting a celebrity or well-known public figure. The bodyguard service you select should include an assessment of the level of protection required to suit the celebrity’s style and personality.

Often, these individuals want to relate to their fans and the public without drawing unwanted attention to the fact that they have a bodyguard at the ready to provide instant protection. A few items your bodyguard service will handle: obsessive fans, managing the paparazzi and video/radio media, as well as planning arrival and departure strategies to provide anonymous cover when requested.

Your protection specialists should also be skilled in assessing appearance spaces ranging from theaters to book-signings to television studios, award shows, concert venues, parks, hotels, airports, and more. Your bodyguard service can offer escorts protecting the celebrity from the public for sensitive appointments such as doctor visits, courtroom visits, child-visitations, or hospital in-take and out-take.

EXECUTIVE PROTECTION: Bodyguard Services are available for Executives or diplomats, to prevent potentially volatile circumstances from escalating. Today’s CEO’s and Executives may be the target of disgruntled employees, or find themselves embroiled in labor disputes or responsible for handling highly classified, personal information.

The types of services an Executive Protection professional offers you include: Travel protection, Route and Office/Conference room security sweeps, Vehicle checks and Chauffeuring. As in the case of any bodyguard services, you are fully apprised of what type of weapons (if any) are utilized in the service of their protection. You can rest assured that only licensed, trained and certified individuals will be in possession of tasers or firearms.

PERSONAL PROTECTION: You don’t have to be a celebrity or VIP to find yourself in need of bodyguard services. Unpredictable child custody cases, divorce settlements, intimate relationship break-ups or stalking situations may call for personal protection services. In order to not disrupt daily life, you can be provided with discreet services tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Services provided may include personal escorts from home to work and back, child kidnapping preventive measures, monitoring and record-keeping of hostile communications. You may be provided transportation to and from court, a safe-house, or choose to provide protection to your family and loved ones when you are out of town.

Our Bodyguard Services Directory lists Executive Protection companies who will assess what skill set, training, and on-the-job experience that is required for any type of security detail you may need. Most offer:

* One-time, on-call services

* Temporary or short-term assignments

* Permanent, full-time contracts

Bodyguard Careers is pleased to provide you with this nation-wide Directory of bodyguard services.

Bodyguard Services Directory

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