Executive Protection Books

We receive daily requests from our readers for book recommendations. Your requests have been heard, and Bodyguard Careers is proud to announce our reading list! Below is a list of handpicked books that we recommend. Hover over the book cover to get a description. All books are available on amazon.com!

The Executive Protection Professional\'s Manual Introduction to Executive Protection The Art of Executive Protection Bodyguard Manual - Revised Edition (Bodyguard Manual: Protection Techniques of Professionals) Executive Protection New: Solutions for a New Era Executive Protection: A Professional\'s Guide To Bodyguarding Welcome to the Real World: A Dangerous Place to Be Caught Unprepared

  • Ny

    Interesting video and comments.
    Why on earth did he feel compelled to wear dark shades during that interview?

  • Toby Johnson

    As prior military and a currently working bodyguard I would defitely have to recommend a new book by Gavin de Becker named Just 2 Seconds. Every military/police/ or executive protection person needs to read this book! A definate must have. http://www.just2seconds.org

  • Matt

    Everyone should read Just 2 seconds, it is a great book. It realy speaks to people like us. A lot of historical information.