Common Acronyms Every Executive Protection Specialist Needs To Know!

Most Executive Protection Specialist / Bodyguards in the field know these abbreviations. Why shorten these items? Because the average citizen doesn’t know these and they can serve as “code” to help keep the principal safe. It is also preferable to be brief and concise over a radio or cell phone. Many of these acronyms are military in nature but can be used by non-military personnel as well.

Newcomers, take some time to look over this list and study it–to be taken seriously, you want to not only “walk the walk” but learn to “talk the talk.”

AIC- Agent in Charge
AO- Area of Operation
AOP- Attack on Principal
ARSO- Assistant Regional Security Officer
BG- Bad Guy
BG*- Body Guard
CAT- Counter Assualt Team
CCW- Concealed Carry Weapon
C&E- Cover & Evacuate
CI- Counter Intelligence
CID- US Army Criminal Investigation Command
CMT- Crisis Management Team
CONUS- Continental United States
CP- Command Post
CP*- Close Protection (UK/Europe)
CPP- Certified Protection Professional
CPS- Certified Protection Specialist
DOD- Department of Defense
DL- Detail Leader
DS- Bureau of Diplomatic Security
DSS- Diplomatic Security Services
DSS*- Department of State Security
E&E- Evasion and Escape
EOD- Explosive Ordinance Disposal
EP- Executive Protection
HCN- Host Country National
HN- Host Nation
IA- Immediate Action
IAD- Immediate Action Drills
IC- Independent Contractor
IED- Improvised Explosive Device
INTEL- Intelligence
IR- Incident Report
K&R- Kidnap & Ransom
LEO- Law Enforcement Officer
MO- Modus Operandi
MOS- Military Occupational Speciality
MTT- Mobile Training Team
NCIS- Naval Criminal Investigative Service
OCONUS- Outside the Continental United States
OP- Observation Post
OP*- Operation
OPSEC- Operational Security
OSI- Office of Special Investigations
PE- Practical Exercise
PERSEC- Personal Security
PI- Private Investigator
PI*- Protective Intelligence
PMC- Para-Military Company
PIT- Precision/Pursuit/Police-Intervention/ Interception-Technique
POC- Point of Contact
POTUS- President of The United States
PPO- Personal Protection Officer
PPS- Personal Protection Specialist
PPU- Presidential Protection Unit
PSA- Protective Services Agent
PSA*- Personal Security Agent
PSD- Protective Services Detail
PSD*- Personal Security Detachment (Military & PMC)
PSO- Personal Security Officer
PT- Physical Training
QRF- Quick Reaction Team
ROE- Rules of Engagement
RON- Remain Overnight
RSO- Regional Security Officer
RSO*- Robbery Suppresion Officer
SD- Surveillance Detection
SF- Special Forces
SL- Shift Leader
SOP- Standard/Standing Operating Procedures
SP- Suspecious Person
SP*- Start Point
TL- Team Leader
TCN- Third Country National
USSS- United States Secret Service
UXO- Unexploded Ordinance
VBIED- Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device
VIP- Very Important Person (for the little yellow bus riders among us  )
WAR- Within Arms Reach

  • Rick Knowles

    Wow! Thanks Huck, I will put this into my notebook and study it thoroughly. is always helpful!

  • Benjamin Coleman

    Thanks Huck. By the way, its always good to know that you are the “HMFIC”. Lol.

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  • Elijah Shaw

    Nice list.

    Elijah Shaw, CEO
    Icon Services Corporation

  • Damon

    That’s a fairly extensive list and very useful thank you for the time and effort to compile it. I may have a few to add that are also commonly used:

    ANFO -Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil
    AP – Armour Piercing
    CE – Composition Explosive
    CW/BW – Chemical Warfare/Biological Warfare
    DS – Double Storey
    DSR – Double Storey Reinforced
    ECM – Electronic Counter Measures
    EDD – Explosives Detection Dog
    EDD H – Explosives Detection Dog Handler
    EOR – Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance
    HAZMAT – Hazardous Materials
    IID – Improvised Incendiary Device
    ICP – Incident Control Point
    LOC – Line of Communication
    MSR – Main Supply Route
    PBIED – Person Born Improvised explosive Device
    RF – Radio Frequency
    RSP – Render Safe Procedure
    TVCPs – Temporary Vehicle Check Point
    UXO – Unexploded Ordnance
    VCP – Vehicle Check Point

  • Leon S. Adams


    As usual, thanks for doing what you do.