Female Bodyguards and Hucky Austin on NBC’s Today Show

Female Bodyguards are in Need

In April of 2010, the Bodyguard Careers team along with Icon Services participated in a story for NBC’s today show. The segment aired on NBC’s Today Show June 24, 2010 and we thought it turned out very well.

If this video brought you to Bodyguard Careers for the first time, welcome!  We have spent years compiling and writing some of the best information you can find about this business.  To get started, here are a few links:

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Bodyguard Careers On NBC Today Show

  • http://www.industry-icon.com Elijah Shaw

    I think the piece came out pretty well. Thanks for allowing me to be a part Harlan and special thanks to the women carving their niche in the Executive Protection industry!

    Elijah Shaw, CEO
    Icon Services Corporation

  • Gina Johnson

    Fantastic! I would LOVE to do this kind of work, yet I wonder how realistic it would be for me to pursue it. Wish I could speak with someone about this.

    Great piece, Hucky!

  • http://www.superiorsecurityconcepts.com Leon S. Adams

    Great story guys/gals. Hucky, Elijah continue doing the great work you guys do to improve the level of professionalism in our industry.

    Leon S. Adams
    Certified Security Specialist

    Owner/Lead Instructor
    Superior Security Concepts
    Atlanta/Athens, GA

    Security Director
    Atlanta, GA/ Boca Raton, FL