Checklist Guidelines for Executive Protection Assignments

By Doc Rogers

This checklist is designed to cover procedures required for EP details and provide fundamental knowledge in a checklist form to organize, manage and direct EP assignments in the field for timely and effective planning.

Advance Planning

  • Budget (nothing starts without a budget, its first order of business).
  • Responsible hospital (positive contact to be made). Obtain hospital contact information (name, phone #, cell phone and email).
  • Law enforcement agency (positive contact to be made). Obtain LEO contact information (name, phone #, cell phone and email).
  • Hotel security director a critical relationship to develop (positive contact to be made). Obtain Hotel security director contact information (name, phone #, cell phone and email).
  • Security planning and management for venues and meeting with senior security personnel at each location.  Obtain contact information (name, phone #, cell phone and email).
    Comprehensive threat assessments of known and potential threats (country, city, airport, hotel, venue, etc.). This is your pre-assignment intelligence.
  • Motorcade requirements (number of vehicles, type, etc.). Find and ensure limo drivers are trained and professional.
  • Ensure adequate motorcade route plans and contingency route plans are in place. Main and alternate routes (must be run multiple times).
  • Special parking set-up in advance at airport, venues, hotels, etc.
  • Development of briefing booklets for EP agents.
  • Plan for worst-case scenarios and conduct walk throughs of evacuation routes (evacuation procedures and assigned safe havens).

During the Detail

  • Brief EP agents and distribute briefing booklets.
  • Final security briefing to security drivers and hall and wall agents on detail.
  • If armed the Detail Leader goes over the rules of engagement (ROE) with EP agents.
  • A well-designed and intimately known evacuation plan is in place at all venues your client will visit.
  • Ensure that your evacuation plan up-to-date at each area.
  • Conduct a mandatory equipment check with all EP agents.
  • Apply fundamental measures and approaches at all times during EP assignment.
  • Make sure you have some torpor, hibernation, and estivation
  • Never letting your EP guard down.
  • All EP agents working as a team, to include security drivers and hall and wall agents assigned to the detail.
  • Have a safe and uneventful EP assignment.


  • EP assignment is completed – Detail Leader to oversee the process of finalizing the logistics conclusion and prepares an after-action report.

After-Action Report

  • The EP critique includes; what went right, what went wrong and the lessons learned on each specific part of the EP operation for improvement on future EP assignments. Keep Safe and God Speed.

Doc Rogers is the author of Corporate Executive Protection – A Manual for Inspiring Corporate Bodyguards and president and CEO of International Corporate Executive Protection Ltd. Doc has earned a Ph.D. in Security Administration from Southwest University and he is SE Asia’s leading expert on executive protection and corporate security. To learn how to make a full time living as a corporate bodyguard visit the websites below for more information.