Executive Protection Operations in Asia

By Doc Rogers

The following is a list of five Asian cities with a summary of EP operation information. Important factors weighed: 1) Airports, 2) Hospitals, 3) Roadways, 4) Safety and Security, 5) Hotels, and 6) Business.

Doing EP operations in a new place is not an easy but Hong Kong is a great place, the airport; Hong Kong International is a regional hub with worldwide connections and is convenient and easy to get around with your client.  On the EP detail you will never feel out of place because Hong Kong has a mixture of Eastern as well as Western cultures.

Hong Kong medical facilities are well developed and are comparable to Western facilities operating at international standards. The roadways in Hong Kong are well maintained and the traffic flow on highways is usually very good. Street crime in Hong Kong is relatively low and limited to petty theft. There is a wide variety of five-star hotels on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The pace of business is rapid and hectic, but conducted professionally, formally and punctuality.

Jakarta is a vibrant city; it has lots of interesting places to visit. The Jakarta International Airport (Soekarno-Hatta), although not the greatest in the world, is still acceptable and fairly efficient.  Some hospitals operate at less than international standards in the city, but Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah Hospital located in Jl. Metro Duta Kav. UE, Pondok Indah provides excellent treatment at international standards in all departments of medicine. The conditions of roads leading to and from the airport are excellent.

The majority of locals are friendly and crime is moderate to high like any big city. Sure, terrorism is a problem at times, but with good advance work the probability that your EP strategies and tactics will prove effective is high. Jakarta has a wide range of luxury accommodation to choose from and hotel security has been beefed-up and provides good preventive and countermeasures. Business in Jakarta is practically booming and is a great place for foreign investment.

Malaysia is one of the most politically stable countries in Asia and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is very nice and well maintained. Kuala Lumpur is the biggest city in Malaysia and like most Asian cities you’ll find good and not so good hospitals. We’ve found the Hospital Kuala Lumpur located at Jalan Pahang 50586 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to be staffed with professional physicians and nurses with treatment at international standards.

Kuala Lumpur has an extensive network of roadways and highways that can get congested at times, so plan your motorcades accordingly and try to avoid rush hour it possible. Crime in the city is mostly limited theft and pickpocketing; you or your clients are unlikely to be a victim of violent crime, but maintain vigilance even in the most pleasant cities. The city has a wide range of elegant five-star hotels with good to excellent security arrangements. Business is picking up speed and tourism to growing in Kuala Lumpur.

The multinational culture and the wide usage and acceptance of English makes Bangkok an ideal place for doing advance work and EP operations. Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport located 20 miles east of Bangkok city is a modern and well-organized airport. Bangkok has a good number of high quality medical facilities available such as the Bamrungrad Hospital; staffed by physicians and emergency medicine nurses who are highly skilled at treating emergencies.

Streets and highways around Bangkok are well maintained but be ready for bumper to bumper traffic during peak hours and plan your road movements accordingly. Crime and violence in Bangkok is relatively low, but recently political violence is on the rise. In light of these potential risks, nothing should be taken for granted in the city. All over the city you’ll find some of the world’s best luxury hotels for your client’s accommodations. The business sector is busier than most Asian cities, still slower than normal but is expected to be picking up speed soon.

Manila is a city of skyscrapers and highways, as well as shanty town villages and infamous relight districts. The Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila is an old facility that is not operated very proficiently, but the inconveniences are manageable. The Makati Medical Center is the premier hospital in the Philippines and is located approximately 4.5 miles from the airport.

The roadways leading from the airport are poorly developed and subjected to heavy traffic with mostly small-scale criminal activity in some areas. There are many very good 5-star hotels all around Manila for your clients’ lodgment and business in the city is getting better every month.

This was a shortlist of some of the areas of operation (AO) in Asia that provides fairly consistent executive protection work year round. If you plan to travel to these locations check the internet for more in-depth intel and start creating a general dossier so you can learn what is happening in the AO before you travel there. Keep safe and God speed.

Doc Rogers is the author of Corporate Executive Protection – A Manual for Inspiring Corporate Bodyguards and president and CEO of International Corporate Executive Protection Ltd. Doc has earned a Ph.D. in Security Administration from Southwest University and he is SE Asia’s leading expert on executive protection and corporate security. To learn how to make a full time living as a corporate bodyguard visit the websites below for more information.