Automating Perimeter Protection for Executive Protection

By Bruce Alexander

There’s a a product on the market that merits serious consideration for planning and integrating physical security features into an Executive Protection Plan (EPP).

Lighthouse is an Israeli computer aided design (CAD) program that assists in planning and designing physical security perimeters. Lighthouse integrates digital terrain models, with aerial and satellite imagery, GIS technology, sensor specifications, engineering and environmental data, and thereby creates a 3D interactive representation of the perimeter. The program “helps users analyze the terrain, identify weak spots, define physical obstacles, propose location of obstacles, and analyze technological obstacles” before the actual sensors are implaced.

Used correctly, Lighthouse designs plans for a variety of sensors configured to the actual terrain as opposed to “force fitting” technology to the environment. What I like about the concept of Lighthouse is that it you can model how sensors will act or react in a given environment before you can actually position those sensors. This seems like a very cost effective and efficient way to design a physical security perimeter as opposed to placing sensors and then trying to determine whether those sensors are appropriate for the terrain and vulnerabilities later on.

I can see multiple applications where Lighthouse can assist in designing a security perimeter with EP applications. The most obvious application would be designing and integrating physical security measures for estates and executive residences with a significant surrounding land. Another application might be private aviation facilities or marinas. Of course, Lighthouse can also be used for corporate facility security planning where EP is a consideration or concern.

As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m a big proponent of using physical security measures to enhance Executive Protection.  Lighthouse might be one of those products worth considering for an EP application.

As usual with all of my product reviews, I have nothing to do with whatsoever with Lighthouse.

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