The Interview

By Bodyguard Careers Staff

An appealing cover letter and a “killer” resume (granted you did spell check on both) will get you the interview call. After the excitement subsides you are thinking of the next step. Here are a few tips to help you maneuver and manipulate your way through to the offer letter.

1) We have all been active job seekers in the past or present. Some of us are looking for a better opportunity on our own chronological terms (we are currently employed), some of us need to change jobs due to financial or other stresses, and some of us are unemployed.

Those of us in the last two categories will send mass amounts of applications to various companies; the downside to that is that we have not done our homework in advance. What is important is to research the company you are applying for prior to going to your interview.

The interviewers will ask you: “what do you know about our company?” The last thing you want to say is “nothing”.  Utilize the internet, ask friends and family or seek out alternative sources of information about the company that you are interested in.

2) To the interviewer’s eyes being ten minutes early translates into being late. You want to make sure you get accurate directions to the location and drive by at least once to familiarize yourself with the area and parking restrictions. No matter how trivial this sounds, it’s always a good idea to have the phone number handy in case of emergency or in case you are running late so you can let your interviewer know ahead of time.

3) Conservative dress code is highly recommended.  Make sure your clothes are cleaned, pressed, tear, stains and rips free. Personal hygiene and grooming are important, but wearing perfumes or cologne is not recommended due to certain people’s sensitivities.

On Fridays most companies have business casual code; if your interview falls on a Friday, it is not okay to assume that you should appear wearing your favorite pair of jeans.

4) Another interview nightmare is the chewing of gum. There is nothing more annoying and distracting than someone watching you chewing gum while you are trying to answer a question you were just asked.

5) Bring extra copies of your resume along with your current references, and letters of recommendation. Make sure you review your resume prior to your interview.

6) Upon your arrival to your interview location, be courteous to all the people you meet along the way: the parking attendant, people in the elevator, and the receptionist.

7) Turn off your cell phone. Even though the latest hit ringtone on your cell phone may impress your friends or people you meet on the street, it is unprofessional if your phone rings in the middle of your interview.

8) When you meet with the individual that will be interviewing you, be sure to give a firm but not hard handshake and address them by their title or last name. Do not use their first name unless you are encouraged to do so.

9) Last but not least, wait to be offered a seat before you sit down. Sit up straight, and quietly take a deep breath. Exhale slowly, and remain calm; listen carefully and stay focused. Be sure to make eye contact during your interview at all times.

Remember seventy per cent of your communication is non-verbal; so even when nothing is said your body language speaks volumes. It is essential to be aware of your posture and demeanor at all times. Positive vibrations will reach your interviewer and they should only work to your benefit.

  • Alonzo Gomez

    I wish your site had been around when I got started, Hucky: I had to learn all this on my own, and it’s excellent advice for sure.

  • Hucky

    Alonzo, thanks for the compliment. I’m glad to be a resource to you and so many others, it’s been a real privilege serving the executive protection community