How to get Established in the Executive Protection Industry

Executive ProtectionBy Doc Rogers

Establishing yourself in the executive protection industry is very important, because if no one has heard of you, you’ll never land a job or get picked up by an executive protection team. You begin the progression by first establishing the professional services you will offer prospective clients, visiting executive protection teams and while working for executive protection firms as a vendor.  These are some questions you need to ask yourself:

What precise services do you offer?

Some examples:

  • Executive Protection; low-profile but high protective coverage for powerful corporate CEOs and senior executives.
  • Celebrity Protection; higher-profile, high protective coverage and lawsuit cautious personnel.
  • Security Driver; well-trained security drivers, high-end vehicles and good client service.
  • Advance Work; provide clients with timely and relevant information within your operational area so senior executives can act with confidence while on business visits.

How are your services different from your competitors?

Some examples:

  • You and your executive protection team are highly professional, friendly, genuine people with integrity, character, and the ability to manage clients from the corporate and entertainment world as well as other VIPs.

What do you specialize in?

  • Prior to specializing you must first identify your clients’ needs.
  • When specializing in a certain executive protection service looks at the long run rather than the short-term gains.


Some examples:

  • Delivering comprehensive executive protection services and solutions to help clients navigate safely in (the operational area you want to specialize in).
  • We conduct and develop in-depth advance work in order to increased situational awareness and deliver actionable intelligence for clients visiting (the operational area you want to specialize in).

Making Connections

Once you have these above questions answered it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work establishing yourself in the industry.  It’s always hard to get that first client, that’s why you must start promoting your name and EP services as much as possible. The more well-known you are now, the more opportunities will have in the future. To do this you need to have a complete understanding of the EP industry and have the ability to make personal and professional relationships so you will be referred to others based on the connections you build. Putting yourself in a situations where opportunity could easily happen.

 Marketing Yourself and Your Services

Your goal in marketing yourself is to explain to people who you are and what you do in a non-pushy fashion in order to reach potential clients (executives, celebrities, executive protection firms and executive protection teams) who you feel want or need your professional services.  There are whole bookshelves on the subject of marketing yourself. However, the simplest way to go about it in the EP industry is through email, social media, and snail mail, press releases, handing out business cards at executive protection trade shows, face-to-face meetings and professional networking. Use each option to your advantage and customize your approach based on the client selection you are promoting.  Build a list of planned marketing efforts you want to conduct and start going about in a systematic manner.

Develop a Strong Social Media Presence

You need to have a strong presence on Facebook and LinkedIn to establish yourself in the executive protection industry. This means professional looking photos of yourself and executive protection team members. Leave the photos of firearms and happy hour at the pub off the pages. This not only shows bad taste but could lead to a loss of credibility. You are looking to develop a professional presence only.  Become active in your Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Provide good solid information on discussion topics and keep professional at all times. You are looking to attract only professional attention. Never lose sight of your primary responsibility.  Follow the advice in this article and you’ll get established in the executive protection industry industry in no time. Good luck and God speed.

Doc Rogers is the author of Corporate Executive Protection – A Manual for Inspiring Corporate Bodyguards and president and CEO of International Corporate Executive Protection Ltd. Doc has earned a Ph.D. in Security Administration from Southwest University and he is SE Asia’s leading expert on executive protection and corporate security.