Defanging the Snake:The Science of Effective Fighting

By Dr. Leonard C. Holifield, CPS, CGSP

In the field of executive protection, unarmed self defense tactics are a must for the protection agent. During your entire career as an EP agent you may never have to fire a single shot from your firearm, however it is almost certain that you will at some point have to get up-close and personal with someone who decides he doesn’t like your client very much. In cases like this, you should be prepared to meet the attack with not only effective self defense counter-measures but a sound understanding of the human body and the knowledge to end the attack quickly and effectively.

Enter Defanging the Snake:

Question: What would you do if someone suddenly threw a poisonous snake at you or any snake for that matter? Most sane people would jump back in fear of being bitten, right? Now take that same snake and break off his fangs. Would you now jump at having this fangless snake thrown at you now? Most likely not. This is because the snakes bite is now useless. We know that a snake’s bite can be lethal and the fear of dying from a snake bite automatically puts us on the defensive as it raises blood pressure and adrenaline.

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