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Celebrity Bodyguard

By Eliljah Shaw

Source: Circuit –The Magazine for Bodyguards

Let’s face it, in our industry the celebrity bodyguard doesn’t always get a lot of respect. Corporate Protective Agents lump them just above club bouncers on the evolutionary ladder, while our peers that handle personal security details in war zones, such as Iraq or Afghanistan look at us as glorified babysitters. Of course both of these stereotypes are just that, a collection of generalizations that may apply to some, but definitely not to all.

However, the Ten Thousand dollar question is, if you’re in the celebrity protection industry, does it describe you? If your sole qualifications for servicing your clients are, you weigh 300 pounds and you used to play football in college, chances are they might be right. As I look at it, the difference between being a bodyguard or a buddyguard comes down to training.

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Network, Network, Network.

By Elijah Shaw

The security side of the entertainment business is full of shattered promises and closed doors. Get all the training you can, there are some great schools out their. Remember there is more to being a bodyguard than pushing people out of the way or having a weapons permit. Having the proper skills means that when an opportunity does open up, you’ll be the right man or woman for the job.

So how do you seek out the training? A good place to start is the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) or British close protection training they both have a wealth of information related to all areas of security, including Executive Protection. I strongly suggest to anyone interested in working professionally in this field to consider joining. One last point be patient!