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This video originally aired in November of 2009 on Fox News, because of the increase in requests for female bodyguards we decided to run it again on our site.

Increased Demand For Women Bodyguards: MyFoxDC.com

Female Bodyguards and Hucky Austin on NBC’s Today Show

Female Bodyguards are in Need

In April of 2010, the Bodyguard Careers team along with Icon Services participated in a story for NBC’s today show. The segment aired on NBC’s Today Show June 24, 2010 and we thought it turned out very well.

If this video brought you to Bodyguard Careers for the first time, welcome!  We have spent years compiling and writing some of the best information you can find about this business.  To get started, here are a few links:

CQB Balancing Your Attack

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Here’s another solid video from our friend Mark James from Panther Protection services. As with all the contributors to our website, we are very grateful to be associated with such professionals.


Surge in Demand for Female Bodyguards

I was privileged this weekend to participate in a piece that Fox News ran on the surging demand for female bodyguards. Over the last 10 years there has been a huge increase in requests for female executive protection specialists. Even though, the overall number for female executive protection specialists is less than 3% I see an incredible potential for growth for any female considering this industry.

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Video of the Week:Understanding your shotgun’s Pattern

The video focuses on the importance of understanding the distribution of the shot pattern for defenses purposes. It features Mark “Six” James, President and CEO of Panther Protection Services.

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