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BE MORE THAN JUST A “GUARD” Executive Protection specialists in the corporate environment have to do more than just “guard” the principal. executive protection specialists should be friendly and non-threatening as well as attentive to the needs of the principal. executive protection specialists in the corporate environment must ensure that they provide a caring approach on the job. You will not be changing your professional executive protection skills. You should, however, be increasing your interpersonal skills, meeting the principal’s expectation of service and providing him or her necessary creature comforts when possible. People under stress need comfort.  Genuinely care for your principal’s comfort. For example, ensure the principal has access to refreshments within the executive limo and cold towels, if available (such as in first-class commercial airlines). Ensure the local newspaper, Wall Street Journal and other periodicals are available for review.

ENSURE YOUR CLIENT IS SECURE & COMFORTABLE Ensure the principal’s physical environment within the executive limo is comfortable with no obtrusive noises or smells. Keep alert to the principal’s feelings and sensitivities. Ensure that the principal does not feel frustrated or irritated about anything you can change or influence.  You should widen your concept of principal care within the corporate world.  executive protection specialists should avoid the pitfalls of cell phone discourtesies by placing their cell phones on silent/vibration mode at all times while on assignment.

THE CARING HANDS OF A PROFESSIONAL Providing principal care does not mean to the point of being a butler. You are and always will be the principal’s last line of defense. However, if you provide maximum service, minimum intrusion and positive action, you will achieve optimum principal care.  You should do this so your principal will realize that he or she is in the hands of a caring professional. This is the preferred style of operating on international executive protection assignments and for many highly successful corporate executive protection firms. It’s not an option.    Keep Safe & God Speed, Doc Rogers



Executive Protection Guide on How to Swim with the Sharks



Executive Protection Guide on How to Swim with the Sharks

By Doc Rogers

This article talks about how Executive Protection Specialists can swim with the sharks however, it does not suggest that all people in the executive protection industry are ruthless or greedy. Ninety-nine per cent are trustworthy, hardworking professionals.  That leaves one per cent of sharks in the executive protection waters you either have to avoid, fend off or learn to swim with and not get eaten alive.

Avoiding Shark-Infested Waters

Whenever possible try to avoid shark-infested waters. This means doing your research within the operational area in which you want to work or setup shop.  Avoid areas that have long feuds involving executive protection contracts, murders linked with the executive protection or security industry as well as areas with a high rate of executive protection or security business-to-business predatory lawsuits. These types of locations and the people in them are bent upon murder and destruction and it would be difficult to fend off all the parasitic advances.

Fending Off Attacks

If you choose an area that has minimal shark infestations, you still can’t afford to relax. There is no such thing as a risk-free environment. A shark never sleeps and to keep afloat, it has to continuously swim.  You may face some uncomfortable and challenging situations even in non-shark pit waters. To prevent from being bitten and to successfully fend off shark attacks proper executive protection business planning, designing and developing is needed. Blood will attract sharks so it’s imperative to have a strong team that will be able to prevent, detect, delay, fend off or neutralize attacks. Sharks frequently give off pre-attack warnings. These include making an initial passes or swimming toward their potential victims displaying aggressive behavior.  Watch for these warning signs and remember the shark’s tactics and techniques are continually changing and accordingly, you must remain vigilant

Swimming with the Sharks

It is generally difficult to outswim a shark. You may have to learn to swim safely with the sharks; so fast and resolute mitigating action is needed. This means beating the sharks at their own game. It’s the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” attitude. You won’t become one of them; you’ll just be swimming alongside of them.   The sharks in the executive protection business are normally not true executive protection professionals. They are not client focused or service orientated.  Your clients have to be satisfied with your executive protection performance. This means forging your way ahead with no disgruntled customers, no delays or poor quality services and insisting on quality work from your executive protection team and always watching each other’s back 24/7. This will make you an unattractive target.


Swimming with the sharks is risky business. It should only be taken if it’s a calculated and smart; keeping constant watch for sharks circling below and above you.  This is accomplished through solidarity and knowing that sharks will always be in the executive protection waters. Knowing the risk is always there; but never allowing it to keep you on the beach. We all have seen the signs “swim at your own risk” for some people in the industry they rather swim with the sharks than follow the heard. Some gutsy, streetwise executive protection professionals from hard­scrabble backgrounds not only survive, but thrive in this type of environment. Keep safe and God speed.

Doc Rogers is the author of Corporate Executive Protection – A Manual for Inspiring Corporate Bodyguards and president and CEO of International Corporate Executive Protection Ltd. Doc has earned a Ph.D. in Security Administration from Southwest University and he is SE Asia’s leading expert on executive protection and corporate security.


By Doc Rogers

Author’s note:  Written with a slightly pained smile; don’t take the article too seriously – enjoy.


If you are a CEO being assigned a bodyguard (executive protection specialist; the preferred, politically correct name) for this first time, than pay particular attention to this guide.  Follow its simple advice and you’ll be pleasantly surprised on how having a bodyguard can be the best corporate perk ever by making you more productive and secure wherever you go. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before you even meet your new bodyguard; keep the following in mind.


As a CEO your job is to implement marvelous ideas to move your company forward; developing plans and getting employees to execute them soundly.  Your bodyguard has plans as well and it’s along the same lines as yours.  Your bodyguard will customarily be utilizing SOPs. These have been taught by older, wiser and more experience men of long ago in the trade and handed down. Your bodyguard’s main objectives are in the following order; your safety, security and comfort.  You have probably brought into the conventional perception that all bodyguards are gorillas in ill-fitting suits.  The bodyguards of yesteryear were a little more forceful and impolite. Today’s bodyguards are keen on executing their jobs flawlessly by using their training, intelligence and ability.


Chief executives being assigned a bodyguard should focus on developing a solid foundation.  Here are some useful tips:

  • A bodyguard needs an itinerary to function properly; it is the very lifeblood of his job. Whenever possible get your secretary to send your bodyguard an itinerary for the upcoming week. Do not hesitate to send multiple amendments.
  • When going to business functions where you will be a participant have your secretary describe your tasks at each step of the process (e.g., go up on stage, give a 20 minute speech, grip-grin and photo ops with Third World upper echelons of senior management, etc.). It is the bodyguard’s job to lead the way, let him accomplish this by providing reams of information and keeping him in-the-loop.


Although this subject can occupy full book shelves, here it is explained in a concise fashion. The term bodyguard was developed hundreds of years ago, way before the present-day “executive protection specialist” was ever imaged. The man (or woman) that has been assigned to you is there to keep your body safe, secure and comfortable.  His objective to ensure your body remains a living, breathing, comfy being and does not get damaged or heaven forbid deceased. There are of course a thousand other related duties, expending on those tasks would take a full book.  Just try to ensure that during your day-to-day activities you do not water down the bodyguard’s all-important tasks as explained in this section.  This will create win-win situations and pave the way for a great working relationship and longevity.


To the untrained eye your bodyguard may be drinking coffee in the lobby of the five-star hotel you are occupying. However, unbeknownst to no one, he has been up for 3.5 hours, had a workout, briefed the security drivers, spoken with the security manager of the hotel and has already put in some real honest sweat.  Even as he sits enjoying his first cup of coffee his mind is working and the wheels of his subconscious are spinning to ensure all goes smoothly.


Modern bodyguards want to execute their jobs flawlessly. To do this you must allow them to assume responsibility for your protection.  You can accomplish this easily by following these few tips:

  • Allowing your bodyguard to ride in the same vehicle as you oppose to a chase vehicle. He should be positioned in the front passenger seat to ensure that if the driver becomes incapacitated, he can take over control of the vehicle. It is called the “dead man takeover” technique.
  • Upon reaching your destination do not get out of the vehicle until your bodyguard opens your door. This has nothing to do with courtesy, although bodyguards have highly good manners. It has to do with ensuring when you step from the vehicle your environment is a safe one.


As a CEO you are superbly skilled and are laser focused on directing people with day-to-day decisions based on what your company is trying to achieve. However, in a worst case scenario, you will have no say in the matter regarding the operational technique or tactic your bodyguard will utilize to keep you safe from harm.  There will be no discussions in the matter. There will be people oblivious within the confusion and chaos that swarms. The only one who will be on guard, with clearheaded thinking and taking professional action will be your bodyguard. These are the tangible attributes the bodyguard/executive protection specialist brings to the table. Use them to your advantage. Keep safe and God speed.

Doc Rogers is the author of Corporate Executive Protection – A Manual for Inspiring Corporate Bodyguards and president and CEO of International Corporate Executive Protection Ltd. Doc has earned a Ph.D. in Security Administration from Southwest University and he is SE Asia’s leading expert on executive protection and corporate security.

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Finding work in the Executive Protection Industry

Executive Protection

Finding work in the Executive Protection Industry

Finding work in the executive protection industry can be very competitive. Having executive protection training and experience are assets that would enable you to do your job right. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the nature of the beast is that you are faced with an enormous amount of competitors targeting a very select market. Allow me to give you an example that perhaps will help you see this point from a different perspective.

For the sake of the argument let’s say that you are in a room with two hundred other people the same gender as you and you are all dressed the same way; remember, your physical appearance doesn’t matter and you all possess the same or very similar qualifications, experience, and executive protection training.

From a distance, you all look the same; the question is how you will make the potential employer pick you over everybody else? Sure, you can be the court jester, start jumping around yelling “pick me, pick me.” Realistically that approach will not get you the job, so making a fool out of yourself is not recommended.

What you need is to understand that the niche of executive protection employers you are targeting is specialized and has very specific needs. It’s your job, and yours only to find work. If your idea of executive protection job hunting is that the employer will come and knock on your door while you are in your pajamas at home browsing the internet, tweeting how you spent your night, or playing Farmville games on Facebook, you are severely deceived.

The reality is that it is up to you, and only you to make yourself available, find and utilize resources to get you where you are envisioning yourself to be. There is no genie that will jump out of the oil lamp and will inform you that you have three wishes available at your disposal. In other words, you need a plan.

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