Close Protection Versus Crime In Mexico

By Dan Sommer
Offers of up to $7000 pr month plus accommodation, in a society with a rich cultural heritage, excellent nightlife and a high threat level from kidnap and assassination attempts. These are factors that explain why CPO’s are now increasingly seeking their fortune in Mexico.

The close protection industry in Mexico is expected to grown significantly during the next few years, this is due not just from the increased threat from kidnappings, which are among the highest in the world with an estimated 3000+ kidnappings a year. But today; Mexico’s elite is also at threat from the much more rapidly growing number of assassinations.

Accordingly there were an estimated 1300 assassinations carried out in Mexico in 2004, an estimated 1800 assassinations in 2005 and so far the first nine months of 2006 have already passed the 1700 mark!

Who and Why. The usual victims have been found among drug dealers and police officers involved one way or another in the drug trade, but today businessmen who have been unwilling to “assist” the drug cartels are increasingly finding themselves targeted as well.

Drug Cartels are now increasingly seeking the cooperation of major Mexican corporations in the import, storing, packing and transport of drugs to the US markets; simply because many of the corporations already have extensive and efficient transport and export systems in place. [Read more...]