Book of the Month

Defensive Handgun: Preparing to Prevail

By Mark “Six” James

Mark “Six” James is a friend of mine, and in my opinion the subject matter expert with regards to Firearms. His book Defensive Handgun: Preparing to Prevail is without question one of the best.

As an executive protection specialist we pray we never have a need to have to bring our firearms into play.    However when we do we realize time is life.  Firearm instructor and fellow bodyguard Mark “Six” James has written a comprehensive, but easy-to-read book focused on the art of defensive combat.

Defensive Handgun: Preparing to Prevail details many critical topics of particular importance to the protection specialist.  It will take you from selecting your tools to defending your client or family member.

This comprehensive resource is beneficial to both new and experienced protection specialist and will challenge us all to upgrade and keep our training contemporary.  In addition to helping you build a strong shooting platform based on the timeless firearm fundamentals.  “

There is no such thing as advanced shooting there is only advanced applications of the basics.”  He also covers many of the most stress filled situations like dealing with multiple adversaries, effective use of cover and concealment, slicing the pie, malfunctions and many more tactical applications.

One of Mark’s key goals is to always make his students “instructor independent verses instructor dependent.”  Defensive Handgun goes a long way toward accomplishing that objective.  It explains means for avoiding dangerous situations, gauging the appropriate level of response to a threat, and how to apply that level of response.

The concepts are easily understood because James takes care to not only fully explain terminology but includes many illustrations to help you visually grasp the techniques.  The 8.5” x 5.5”, 232-page, paperback from Samurai Publishing will fit neatly in your shooting bag or briefcase.

James is the founder and executive director of Panther Protection Services, LLC, which provides security consulting, threat assessment, executive protection, self-defense training and firearm instruction.  He and his company regularly protect government officials, corporate executives, entertainers and professional athletes.

Defensive Handgun: Preparing to Prevail is available for $19.95 plus shipping at or from Panther Protection Services, LLC, 3695F Cascade Road, Suite 2207, Atlanta, GA 30331.  Phone 404-349-9117

History of Executive Protection

Executive Protection (EP) has an extensive history spanning over two thousand years and has assisted in influencing many cultures throughout the world. Many of the most well known EP Specialists include the Samurais of Japan, the Medieval Knights all over Europe, and the Vatican’s Swiss Guard. The earliest protection organizations were most often military divisions assigned to protect one individual. 

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When it comes to employment as a Bodyguard, the most frequently asked question is “How much can I make?” Well, let me offer you some advice but, please note there are no hard and fast rules. This is based on my 20+ years of EP work and a survey of the current rates from colleagues and EP training instructors. Towards the end of this chapter, you will see a table with specific job skills, detail expectations and pay rates (2004). Also included is a breakdown of information regarding different cities.

The rates associated with bodyguard/executive protection work vary widely, depending upon a myriad of important factors:

*  The Economy

*  Prior Experience, Skills & Training

*  Client Profile (Celebrity vs. Dignitary vs. Corporate)

*  Level of Risk/Danger

*  Political Climate

*  Amount of Travel Required

*  Locale & Circumstances of the Detail

*  Range of Duties for the Position

First of all, there are no set fees for bodyguard employment. All fees are arranged by negotiating with the client. Obviously, the more skills you have, the more experience, the more training–the more you can earn. A highly trained, extremely seasoned bodyguard with a substantial work history may earn $100,000 per year plus bonuses, but these are often positions with distinct requirements and skill specifications, and the work may be located half-way around the world. It can also mean working in some of the most dangerous regions on the planet.

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Operating in Beirut

Operating in Beirut: Part 1

By Georges Tabet

Beirut Lebanon was once called the Paris of the Middle East, it was a beautiful city that had culture, incredible hotels a fabulous night life and pristine white sandy beaches, but the start of a bloody 15 year civil war, that took the lives of an estimated 130000 changed this cultured and peaceful country into the wild west of the Middle East.

When the fighting ended in the spring of 1991, the country had transformed itself into a divided nation, a nation that during the hostile years had nurtured a number of groups
That had risen into powerful politically charged armed groups with names like Hezbollah, Amal (the Lebanese Resistance Detachments) and the Syrian Socialist National Party. Many of these groups are hostile towards westerners and are backed by hostile nations such as Iran and Syria.

Any protection specialist worth their salt and who has operated in Beirut after the civil war fully understands that the city and country can stay quite and non threatening for extended periods of time and then without a moments notice or escalating build up can suddenly explode into a hostile situation.

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