Improving Your Bodyguard Business

By Doc Rogers

The first step to improving your bodyguard business starts with reviewing your goals. All successful businesspeople have goals in place and work hard in achieving the goals set each day. Start evaluating your bodyguard business today; what do you want your bodyguard business to look like in one year, five years or more down the road?

If you are an up and coming bodyguard your goal may be to lead at team of tier one bodyguard personnel on overseas assignments or if you are a seasoned professional you may want to start managing teams of tier one bodyguards around the world and function as a channel of communication between your clients and your detail leaders in the field. Consider the goals you want to accomplish and know what it will take to get there.

The second step for improving your bodyguard business is start thinking more clearly about how to grow your bodyguard business in the long term.  Building strategic business relationships with other bodyguard professionals and meeting new people is the key. To do this you must start attending bodyguard events, executive protection training programs and seminars.

Step back and look at the professional relationships you want to assemble in the industry and how these relationships with be mutually beneficial for building a bodyguard network, increasing business and customer service. This way you can supply your clients’ with additional services that your competitors don’t offer and within multiple international locations.

Begin looking carefully at your bodyguard career goals, restructure and reorganize your activities and pay more attention to the strategic business relationships that you are building.

Finally, start having a total commitment to your bodyguard career success, for taking positive action, for winning, and conquering difficulties, no matter what they are. Make it work. Good luck and God speed.