What is Executive Protection

Executive Protection

Executive Protection

What exactly is the true definition of Executive Protection?

What is Executive Protection? The true definition of Executive Protection  refers to the various measures and counter-measures that are taken to ensure the physical safety and well being of a VIP.

Some of these Protection measures include but do not limit the use of strategy development and advance work, research on the client and the specific threats, both known and perceived, as well as providing security, close protection, surveillance, counter surveillance, mail screening, background checks on employees and persons coming into contact with the VIP.

Daintry Duffy, a writer for the online publication CSO security and risk on line (http://www.csoonline.com) wrote an article entitled “The Six Things You Need To Know About Executive Protection”.

In the article Duffy writes. “The term “executive protection professional” should tell you all you need to know about the evolution of executive security details. No-neck goons in black turtlenecks and lumpy suit jackets are fine if you want to hit a dance club with a posse, but they are not effective for executives. An effective EP program has to be based on research and preparation rather than sheer muscle.”