Executive Protection 101: In the Real World

By Doc Rogers

You’ve got your first bodyguard assignment, congratulations. Now its time to use calm judgment and plan out the assignment with a focused mind so you can prepare properly. The more you plan ahead, the better possibility for success.  The overall objective of executive protection (EP) in the real world is to create a secure environment conducive to the business activities being carried out by the client within a particular area.

Main Objectives

Your main objectives should include:  preventing and addressing security threats that affect the client’s well-being, prioritizing core EP needs, identifying, assessing and controlling risks. This is accomplished by categorizing threats for risk management planning and execution of the EP operations. If threat groups are operating in the area:

•    Identify your enemy.

•    Their method of operation – likely techniques and tactics that may be used.

•    Their overall professionalism – are they sophisticated or armature’s.

•    Their recent Attacks – and possible pre-incident indicators.

•    Minimize these threats by advance work to develop a plan to avoid them.

•    Employ basic EP measures to deter and mitigate the threats.

•    Establish the appropriate EP plan, security controls and need to know procedures.

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Professional Bodyguard

Professional Bodyguards Working

Professional Bodyguard

By Doc Rogers

Every year new bodyguards enter the industry wanting to make a difference. They have special plans that will allegedly aid the professional bodyguard industry as a whole and protect clients better. Although their approach do have their merits, there are three important factors that are often over looked: learn, lead, and pass-on.

If you ever questioned what can be achieved with professional bodyguard training, professional experience and hard work, just ask Harlan “Hucky” Austin, Bruce Alexander, Jerry Heying, Elijah Shaw, Mark “Six” James, Joe LaSorsa and Rick Colliver, as well as the other esteemed members of  the Professional Bodyguard Industry.

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The Assassination Of

I came across a very interesting article over the weekend. It’s entitled “Can an Executive Protector Really Prevent an Assassination”? It was posted by John D. Byrnes, here’s a snippet from the article.

In famed author, Gavin de Becker’s well researched book “Just 2 Seconds,” he chronicles the seconds between an assassin’s “Moment of Commitment” and the Executive Protector’s “Moment of Recognition” and the resulting ability of that Protector to save their client from assassination.

His research is explicit; if the protector is 15 feet away from the assassin he has only an 18% chance of protecting his client.  If he is 7 feet away from the assassin he has only a 45% chance of protecting his client. Only when he is within-an-arms-length from this assailant and he is completely “in the now”, can he offer a 98% chance of protection. If his mind is at all distracted, his percentages drop like a rock!

To read the full article click on this link: Blog.AggressionManagement.com

What Is A Piece Of Paper Worth?

By Matt Stiehm Ed.D

In life what is a piece of paper worth?  Well a piece of paper is worth as much as it can provide for you at any given time.  For example a small piece of green paper, with a dead president on it can buy or provide a lot of things.  However this is nominal compared to other pieces of paper.

Another example of a good piece of paper to have is the “right” certifications from the “right” training companies or programs.  These documents (pieces of paper) demonstrate a certain level of technical and professional competencies.  With the “right” piece of paper you can take your career to larger plateaus.

But what about a formal degree: whether the degree is a two year, four year, masters or doctorate degree.  What is the return on investment from getting these degrees and most importantly how they can help in your career?

•    Two year degree- This is a general degree which in most cases will provide you with some basic skills.  The skills generally deal with “readin, ritin and rithmetic”.  These skills will provide a solid foundation for going forward in higher education.  There is nothing wrong with ending at this level.  As professional experience is sometimes more important than what letter grade you got in math.

•    Four year degree- This degree will provide more liberal education, or technical education (depending on degree granting institution).  The liberal education will provide and hone your skills of writing, researching and understanding human behaviors.  If the degrees come from the technical side, you will able to better understand the nuts and bolts of the industry.

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Improving Your Bodyguard Business

By Doc Rogers

The first step to improving your bodyguard business starts with reviewing your goals. All successful businesspeople have goals in place and work hard in achieving the goals set each day. Start evaluating your bodyguard business today; what do you want your bodyguard business to look like in one year, five years or more down the road?

If you are an up and coming bodyguard your goal may be to lead at team of tier one bodyguard personnel on overseas assignments or if you are a seasoned professional you may want to start managing teams of tier one bodyguards around the world and function as a channel of communication between your clients and your detail leaders in the field. Consider the goals you want to accomplish and know what it will take to get there.

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